Review of Wuthering Heights

Treachery and violence are spears pointed at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.

Novel: Wuthering Heights

Published in: 1847

Genre: Gothic

Author: Emily Bronte


Mr. Lockwood, the narrator of Wuthering Heights rents Thrushcross. Finding his landlord Mr. Heathcliff (the current owner of the Wuthering Heights) and the inhabitants in it,strange. The narrator gets confused. Mr. Heathcliff though he seems to be a gentleman was not one in his qualities and speech. He was very bad tempered. Mr. Lockwood was unwillingly allowed to pass his night in Wuthering Heights where he was offered the room of a lady called Catherine who was already dead and he finds some of the books of hers in it. The narrator falls asleep he dreams of Catherine knocking the widow of the room, pleading to enter. When Mr. Lockwood shouts in fright, Mr. Heathcliff enters, convinced that what Mr. Lockwood saw was real. But, after finding no one enter, Mr. Heathcliff sends the narrator to his own room. The next day when Mr. Lockwood returns to the Grange and falls ill, He meets his housekeeper Mrs. Dean who was the former housekeeper of Wuthering Heights and narrates him the story of the inhabitants in it. And, there begins the story of Wuthering Heights.

While reading the last two chapters of Wuthering Heights, I was too excited to write a review for it. This story is an unthinkable roller coaster ride that holds exciting scenario in each and every chapter. Each page of Wuthering Heights must be read attentively. If you leave a sentence out of your concentration, the reader would be lost in the story. I was always looking forward to read a story of one of the sisters of Charlotte Bronte and I was not disappointed. Wuthering Heights is a totally different story with an extremely worthy plot and I highly recommend this gothic novel.

About the author:

Emily Bronte (1818-1848)

Emily Bronte was the fifth child in the Bronte family. She was well known for the novel Wuthering Heights which gathered her much praise. It was only after her death the book developed its fame. Emily Bronte was a teacher before she started her career as an author. One of her work was Gondal which she created with her sister Ann Bronte, who is also a writer. Emily Bronte also wrote poems. She died in 1848.

Agar Agar Cubes

When the sun is scorching you in the country, obviously you would need something to refresh yourself. Trying the same juice again and again would turn you bored. Why don’t you try out something new? And if it is also so easy to make, I think you would not think twice to try this out. These Agar Agar cubes would be too refreshing and easy to make. Scroll down to find out the method of this cubes.


For the first layer:

Water 7cups

Agar Agar 2cups (cut into pieces)

Sugar 1cup or according to your taste

Milk Powder 1cup

For the second layer:

Water 2cups

Agar Agar 3/4 cup

Milk Powder 2tbsp

Sugar per taste

For the third layer: (the upper layer)

Water 5cups

Agar Agar 3/4 cup

Sugar per your taste


For the first layer:

1. Start with Boiling the Agar Agar in water.

2. Then add sugar to it.

3. After adding sugar, dissolve the milk powder in water and strain it to the boiling Agar Agar.

4. Next, pour it to a dish and let it cool.

5. When it’s done, place it in the fridge to freeze.

Now for the second layer:

1. Boil Agar Agar in water as before and add sugar along with the dissolved milk powder.

2. Then, pour them into four small bowls.

3. When the process is done, add four types of food colouring into the bowls. (Blue in one bowl, Green in one, Yellow in another and Red in the last bowl) Do not add all the food colourings into the same bowl.

4. Next, take out the dish which you have placed in the refrigerator and pour this mixture on them as shown in the picture below.

5. After pouring the food colourings as shown in the picture above, keep it in the refrigerator to freeze as well.

For the third layer:

1. Boil the agar agar in water and add sugar to it.

2. Then, pour it on top of the mixture that you have placed in the refrigerator.

3. When the process is done, place the dish in the refrigerator again for a day.

Hope you would like these Agar Agar cubes. Will be soon back with another recipe. Until the next post!

Review of Lost World

It is decreed by a merciful nature that the human brain cannot think of two things simultaneously.

Novel: Lost World

Published in: 1912

Genre: Scientific Fiction

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle


The story starts with the protagonist, Edward D. Malone seated in front of Gladys offering her the hand of marriage. But, Gladys reveal that she would like someone who has done something daring. This urges the protagonist to fulfill her wishes. He goes to his editor for an exciting assignment who declares him to interview the dangerous Professor Challenger. When Mr Malone meets the professor, a great chaos ensues. When the problem finally ends, Professor Challenger reveals a sketch of an animal to which the world calls the professor a liar, but Mr. Malone starts believing him. Challenger invites Mr Malone to the lecture where he is about to deliver a speech. This is the place where Malone’s adventure begin, He joins Summerlee, Lord Jonn Roxton and Professor Challenger to the lost world.


Lost world is really worth the time as it is loaded with useful and valuable information. The characters of Professor Challenger and Malone would haul your entire interest to the story. After reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective senses this would be a total difference to the readers. The author’s humour in the beginning of the story would also be appealing. Lost world was not only known between readers it was equally famous among the spectators of the television. If you want a book to get lost in, I would recommend the Lost World.

About the author:

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

Arthur Conan Doyle found his talent of story-telling on the years at his boarding school. The author tried his talent by writing a short story after a couple of years in his studies as a medical student. Arthur Conan Doyle’s first novel was A Study Of Scarlet, published in March 1886. His well known series is Sherlock Holmes which people adore till today. His book Lost World was an immediate success and was published in 1912.

Fish Bun

Fish bun which is especially made in Sri Lanka is a favourite among the spicy food lovers. The filling in it names the bun, as it is made of fish. It is usually baked in bakeries but now, I will present you the recipe of this dish, to make at home. Scroll down to find the ingredients and the method of this soft bun.


For the dough:

Flour 500g

Egg 1

Milk powder 3tbsp

Yeast 4tsp

Butter 3tbsp

Sugar 2tbsp


Potatoes 400g

Onions 400g

Ginger 1tbsp

Garlic 1tbsp

Curry leaves

Pandan leaves (Rampe in Sinhala and Rambha in Tamil)

Salt Per taste

Green Chilli 2

Sri Lankan roasted curry powder 1/2tsp

Pepper 2tsp

Saffron Powder 1tsp

Chilli Powder 2tsp

Lemon juice 1tsp



1. Pour oil in a pan and after heated, add pandon leaves, curry leaves, salt, ginger, garlic, onion, green chilli and sauté them.

2. Then add fish, potatoes and mix them.

3. Next, add saffron powder, Sri Lankan roasted curry powder, pepper, chilli powder and mix the spices with the vegetables. (If the given roasted curry powder is not available, you can cook the filling without it)

4. After mixing them well, add lemon juice before taking the pan from the stove.


1. First, mix the yeast, sugar and water in a bowl and keep it aside for five minutes to rise.

2. In a another bowl, add flour, egg, milk powder, butter or margarine and the rised yeast and knead them for ten minutes.

3. Next, keep it covered for one hour for the dough to turn double in size. Proceed as in the picture given below.

4. After it turns double in size roll the dough as in the picture below.

5. Next, cut the dough roll into slices.

6. Then, take one slice of the dough and roll it into the shape of a circle, placing the filling on it.

7. When you have finished with it, fold the two sides of the dough over the filling, in shape of a triangle as given in the picture below.

8. Next, fold the left out part of the dough over the filling and turn it to the other side.

I will mention about the baking process after mentioning the method of the next bun.

1. For the next bun, roll the dough as I have mentioned before and cut them into slices.

2. After cutting, roll a slice into the shape of a circle, and drawing lines from a knife on one side of the dough, and placing the filling on the other. I have posted a picture below to show you the process.

3. Next, roll the dough as shown below and form it into the shape of U

4. After completing the process, keep the buns again to turn double in size.

5. Then, apply butter to the baking tray and place the unbaked buns on it.

6. Next, egg wash the buns. (Apply the mixture of the beaten egg yolk and water on the buns)

7. When the process is done, heat the oven to 240 degrees C for 15minutes.

8. After 15 minutes, place the tray of buns in the oven and bake it for 10 -13minutes.

9. When the bun is baked well, take it out of the oven and cover it from the cloth.

10. When it turns soft, serve and Enjoy!

Review of North and South

Those who are happy and successful themselves are too apt to make light of the misfortunes of others

Novel: North and South

Published in: 1854

Genre: Social Novel

Author: Elizabeth Gaskell


Margaret Hale (the lady from the south of England) loves her hometown, but as the situation of her family turns worse, she leaves the beauty of South and heads to the North, to Milton where the place is filled with labourers. Margaret clashes with John Thornton in Milton who is the owner of a cotton mill. The young lady first meets him when he was mad at a worker and her notion about him was not so admirable. After being in a serene place in the south, Margaret Hale finds it hard to live in a dull, gloomy place as Milton. She loses many of her loved ones in this place and faces many struggles.

Scroll down for the review.


The title of the book itself discerns the intention of the author. This story of Elizabeth Gaskell captured my attention than any of her other books. The plot changing from the serenity of South England to the hardship of North England would be perfect for the ones who struggle to reside in a new area. Reading North and south would make you able to understand the labour relations. Margaret Hale’s challenges and struggles which she had to face, makes her a strong woman and that would attract all the female readers. This story is not only a book with great descriptions but also a great example for all the readers.

About the author:

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865)

The famous writer Elizabeth Gaskell started her writing with her husband’s mortification and after the loss of her son. Her first novel was Mary Barton, published in 1848. North and South was her fifth novel and was published in 1855. North and South is one of the best-known books of Elizabeth Gaskell and was adapted for television three times. Though the author’s writing was considered old-fashioned in the twentieth century, she is one of the highly-regarded Victorian novelists now.


This famous Indian pudding would be a treat to a sweet tooth. Kheer which is also know as Payasam by the South Indians is cooked specially at a festive period. But, it also can be consumed at a tea time. Kheer was said to be originated in the kitchen of imperial Muslim rulers in India and was prepared on Eid and other functions in the country. Some extremely delicious products are added to this yummy food and I have mentioned the ingredients and the method below.


Boiled milk 4cups

Condensed milk (I used Milkmaid for this) 1/2 cup

Margarine 3tbsp

Cardamon 4

Almonds 2tbsp

Plums 2tbsp

Cashew 2tbsp

Semolina 1/2 cup (Can use Sago as well)

Sugar 1/2 cup

Vermicelli 1cup

Water 1cup

I have posted the four main ingredients of the recipe, below.


1. In a pan, add some ghee and when it is heated, add the cashews and stir them

2. After the cashews turn red, take them away and roast the almonds and plums in the same ghee.

3. After the plums turn like a balloon, take the plums and almonds away from the pan.

4. In the same ghee, add vermicelli and roast till its colour changes.

5. Now, take another bowl and add water, half of the boiled milk and semolina or sago and mix them.

6. Then, add the roasted vermicelli and mix them.

7. After vermicelli and semolina are boiled well, add milkmaid, sugar and mix them.

8. Now, add the remaining milk and mix it as well.

9. At last, add the roasted nuts, cardamom and mix it once more.

Now you can serve the hot Kheer and enjoy!

Hope you would enjoy the recipe. I will soon be with another recipe or book review. Until the next post!

Fruit Art

Considering my friends requests I would be adding Fruit Art in my blog. starting with this orange art, I promise to add more whenever I can. When you have a creative mom at home, the blogging would be more easy. I would like to thank my mother for helping me with the food blogging. Firstly, I would be adding pictures so that the readers would be able to sort out how to make this fruit art. A small description would be given below. Scroll down to find it.

Firstly, start with cutting the two ends of an orange. After the process is done, point the knife into the corner of the pulp as shown in the first picture and run the knife around, taking the pulp out in the shape of a cup. You can see the result in the second picture. Next, take the cut end of the orange (which you have cut before) and place it under the cups which you have formed using the orange rind. Now beautiful orange cups are formed. You can use it to serve fruits as given in the above picture. You also can use it as a basket. The pictures are given below.

Thank you for reading! Until the next post.