Chocolatey Shake

In a hot summer day or after a long weary travelling when you find something chilling, what would your reaction be? And if its chocolatey? What else to do than sigh out in contentment!

In this post you would be able to find out such a recipe that would chill you in a hot summer day and make you content after a weary travelling. Chocolaty Shake is filled with such amazing products that you would feel every drop of tranquil while you drink it.

Ingredients: (For ten glasses)

Cooking chocolate or Cocoa powder 200g

Condensed milk (I used Milkmaid for this) 1 small tin

Milk 500ml (2 glasses)

Water 1litre (4 glasses)

Ice cream (I used vanilla) 500ml

Vanilla essence 1tsp

Hershey’s chocolate syrup or chocolate sprinkles for the topping


First, start with double boiling the cooking chocolate.

After the process is done, pour the condensed milk and stir them.

Then, mix water and milk together in a different container.

When you have finished it, pour the milk mixture into the chocolate mixture.

Next, add 1tsp of vanilla essence into it and mix well.

Pour the whole mixture into a blender and blend it to break the chocolate pieces in the shake.

After the liquid is well blended, take a dry glass and drizzle in with some chocolate syrup. (As the shake should be eye-catching)

Then, pour the chocolatey shake into the glass, topping it with a scoop of ice cream.

At last, drizzle more chocolate syrup or chocolate sprinkles on top of the ice cream and enjoy!

Let me know how it was! Until the next post!

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