Review of Rebecca

Last night I dreamt, I went to Manderley again.

Rebecca, Daphne Du Maurier

Novel: Rebecca

Published in: 1938

Genre: Gothic, Mystery

Author: Daphne du Maurier


The story starts with the protagonist (whose name is not ever revealed in the book and was always referred as Mrs de Winter) dreaming of Manderley. She dreams of revisiting that place. The shy, young protagonist meets Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo when she was companion to an old woman. The wealthy widower (Maxim de Winter who was known on adoring his dead wife) offers a hand in marriage to the young protagonist. The young lady left her station as a companion to the old lady near whom she worked and marries Maxim. Together they leave to Manderley (Maxim’s estate) where the story starts. Reaching to the beautiful place called Manderley, the protagonist who is now, Mrs de Winter was disliked by the housekeeper, Mrs Danvers as she highly admired Rebecca. (late wife of Maxim who was considered a great beauty and a favourite among others) While the new Mrs de Winter struggled to fit into the mould of being a mistress to Manderley, Mrs Danvers makes it too hard for her. First prompting her to wear a costume of Rebecca to the ball which makes Maxim mad at her. Then, urging to her jump out of the window and giver her life away. Mrs de Winter not being so accustomed to the rules of a mistress wears out and gets highly influenced by Rebecca.


If you are searching for a mystery novel in which you want to be quizzical of the upcoming chapters, Rebecca would be the best option. The happenings in the Manderley after the arrival of the new Mrs de winter would leave you thinking till the end. The last few chapters of the novel would confound you more with its twist and revelation. All the readers might have wondered why is this novel named Rebecca as its not the name of the protagonist, and I have gone through it as well. That is why the readers would not tire out from this book. The mystery of Rebecca hooks you to the story till the end. If I was questioned to name some mystery novels that I will always prefer to read, one of them would be Rebecca.

About the author:

Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989)

Daphne du Maurier started writing at a very young age. At first she was not considered as a famous writer but now she is called The Mistress Of Suspense. Her first novel was the loving spirit, published in 1931. Rebecca was her fourth novel and was published in 1938. She wrote three plays and also started writing non-fiction later. Her grandfather was a writer and her uncle, a magazine editor. She received the Grand Master Awards from the Mystery Writes of America.

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