Agar Agar Cubes

When the sun is scorching you in the country, obviously you would need something to refresh yourself. Trying the same juice again and again would turn you bored. Why don’t you try out something new? And if it is also so easy to make, I think you would not think twice to try this out. These Agar Agar cubes would be too refreshing and easy to make. Scroll down to find out the method of this cubes.


For the first layer:

Water 7cups

Agar Agar 2cups (cut into pieces)

Sugar 1cup or according to your taste

Milk Powder 1cup

For the second layer:

Water 2cups

Agar Agar 3/4 cup

Milk Powder 2tbsp

Sugar per taste

For the third layer: (the upper layer)

Water 5cups

Agar Agar 3/4 cup

Sugar per your taste


For the first layer:

1. Start with Boiling the Agar Agar in water.

2. Then add sugar to it.

3. After adding sugar, dissolve the milk powder in water and strain it to the boiling Agar Agar.

4. Next, pour it to a dish and let it cool.

5. When it’s done, place it in the fridge to freeze.

Now for the second layer:

1. Boil Agar Agar in water as before and add sugar along with the dissolved milk powder.

2. Then, pour them into four small bowls.

3. When the process is done, add four types of food colouring into the bowls. (Blue in one bowl, Green in one, Yellow in another and Red in the last bowl) Do not add all the food colourings into the same bowl.

4. Next, take out the dish which you have placed in the refrigerator and pour this mixture on them as shown in the picture below.

5. After pouring the food colourings as shown in the picture above, keep it in the refrigerator to freeze as well.

For the third layer:

1. Boil the agar agar in water and add sugar to it.

2. Then, pour it on top of the mixture that you have placed in the refrigerator.

3. When the process is done, place the dish in the refrigerator again for a day.

Hope you would like these Agar Agar cubes. Will be soon back with another recipe. Until the next post!

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