Zeba Ali on Beyond Our Melancholy

Dream catcher. It catches your bad dreams but Fazal Bashir never wanted one. Having taste the fruits of success quite early for his age, the billionaire Fazal Bashir is intrigued by the veiled lady of his dreams who always begs for his help to save her. As it is proved, people close to god are tested; likewise a new problem is waiting for Fazal which will force him to look into his past.

That was the blurb of Beyond Our Melancholy by Zeba Ali.

Beyond Our Melancholy is one of the books which is in talk of every reviewers in Instagram now and also is adored for its simplicity and the plot. The author Zeba Ali of Maharashtra is being praised for her debut book. Scroll down to find more information about the author and her book.

Zeba Ali on her writing experience:

*Reading inspired me to write. I was in graduation when I started writing. It was not from the start that I wanted to be a writer. It was a course of time when I felt like I love writing.

*Firstly, my family were little sceptical because I was pursuing engineering and then on the middle of it, I was giving time to writing. So, they stated that I should not become biased with my education but when I successfully completed my post graduation while keeping writing as my dream, they are happy. They motivate me to take new step and publishing my debut novel was just possible because of my father.

*I had to do a lot of research for many parts of Beyond Our Melancholy. It’s set in Hyderabad and I am from Maharashtra and never been to Hyderabad. So, I had to look up to Google for the facts of Hyderabad.

*Writing really feels great. It feels like I am doing the thing that I love a lot. My readers and their unending support has always inspired me and I thank them all for their support.

Zeba Ali about her and the book, Beyond Our Melancholy:

*I love reading Urdu novels that too romance. I also enjoy reading Literary Fictions. Peer E Kamil, Jannat ke Pattay, The Forty Rules of Love are some of the books that I can remember right now to recommend.

*Beyond our Melancholy is a spiritual Romance about love and hurt of the past. How the destiny conspires to make two people with a dark past, meet each other.

*People from the age 15 onwards would like it. Many of the reviewers stated that people who are trying to start reading as their habit can start from this book as it’s in simple language.

*Beyond Our Melancholy was the first and the last name for the book. I had some idea about the plot so I thought this would be that apt title for my book.

*Fazal Bashir is my favourite character in the book from everyone. His realization of his past mistakes and his attempts to make his mistakes correct is the reaon for it. He is not rigid with his mistakes. He wants forgiveness from Allah and from the ones whom he hurt.

* The book would connect to the readers for it’s simplicity. It is simple in its wording and the portrayal. And it is the first Spiritual Romance in India having Muslim characters.

That was the author Zeba Ali about her experience and her books. Bookish Refreshment has started a new content and hope the readers would like it. For more such posts follow Bookish Refreshment and like this Post. Would be with another post soon.

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