Review of Anne of Green Gables

Because when you are imagining you might as well imagine something worthwhile.

Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery

Novel: Anne of Green Gables

Published in: 1908

Genre: Fiction

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery


When Matthew needed an assistance in his work, the siblings Marilla and Matthew decides on adopting a boy from an orphanage. When Matthew goes to pick him up from the station, the old man finds out that the child who was waiting for him there was not a boy, but a girl. Matthew takes him to the Green Gables and begins to like the girl Anne who had a great imagination. The old man fears that Marilla would turn out the girl and to his great dismay, Matthew finds his assumption correct. The next day Marilla takes Anne to the orphanage to return her, but listening to the child’s past, she grows a soft corner in her heart. In the orphanage when Marilla finds out that Anne would be hired by a stone hearted lady, she takes her back to Green Gables.


How is it to live an impossible imaginary life? You could experience it in this novel. Anne Shirley, though a child of eleven years old would be a good example for the adults as well. Anne would make the readers realize that mistakes are okay and the best thing to do is to not commit them again. In our busy lives we have stopped admiring the nature and be grateful for our surrounding. This child of eleven would teach you to adore it back. The readers would be sure to go back to their school days while reading Anne of Green Gables. The descriptions in this novel would be so perfect that the readers could imagine the true genuine pleasure of the author while she wrote it. The simplicity of this novel is also a reason to get interested of this book. And as this is said as the true story of the author L. M. Montgomery, what else would intrigue the readers?

About the author:

Lucy Maude Montgomery (1874-1942)

L. M. Montgomery was a teacher before she turned a writer. The author has published 20 novels, 530 short stories, 500 poems and 30 essays. In her career her first book, Anne of Green Gables was an immediate success, and is said o be the life of the author. Her second series Emily of the new moon which was published on 1923 was also a hit and was similar to Anne of Green Gables.

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