Medu Vada/ Ulundu Vadai

Medu Vada/ Ulundu Vadai is a South Indian fried dish shaped like a donut. The spicy food is made by Urad dal which is also referred as Ulundu in Tamil. This Indian dish is crispy outside and soft inside. Medu Vada which is mostly cherished by everyone is available in big restaurants and street vendors. Medu Vada is usually eaten with chutney and sambar but, having it with ketchups would also do wonders to the consumers. This dish could be easily prepared and the ingredients also could be found easily. So, scroll down to find out the recipe.


Urad dal (Ulundu) 500g (Wash the urad dal and soak it in water for three hours. Then strain the water and grind it in the blender without any pieces)

Onions 2

Green chillies 6

Crushed pepper 2tbsp (or the amount of spice you need)


Baking powder 1 1/2tsp

Baking soda 1tsp


Mix ground Urad dal, onions, green chillies, crushed pepper, salt, baking powder and baking soda well using your hands.

Make a flat circle out of the Urad dal batter and make a hole in the middle of it. The picture is given below.

Fry till it turn golden brown and when the Medu Vada is ready enjoy it with chutney!

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