10 Of My Favourite Feelings

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1. Reading a well written line in a book

I think that every book readers would agree with me in this. While reading a book you come across many lines and sentences, but there is that one line that captivates you and stop your read just to re-read that line again. As I am a classic reader, I have experienced many such situations as these.

2. Inhaling the morning breeze

An early riser would have experienced it. Just when you open the door and inhale the first morning breeze, the feeling is simply awesome. It might sound poetic for some but the ones who have experienced it will agree to this. If any reader of this post have tried this, comment below.

3. Spending time with cousins

Well who doesn’t like to laugh out loud with their cousins? It might be some crazy jokes or sharing your problems, they are the ones whom you grew up with and feel relax. And specially when they are more friends to you than your cousins, it is one of the most blessed feeling in the world.

4. Watching out the difference between the past and present

At the present stage of your life, take your time just to turn back to balance your past and present. And, the feeling you would have when you see yourself even one step ahead than yesterday would definitely make you content.

5. Listening to a poem/shayari.

I always had a taste for poems and whenever I find someone reciting a poem/shayari while scrolling down the Instagram, I stop myself and listen to it.

6. Writing

Reading was always my hobby since childhood. And when it turned into my dream, it was totally one of the best feeling. Reading someone else’s work and reading my own has a totally different experience.

7. Meeting a friend after a long time

Meeting a friend/relative after long years is another thing that makes everyone feel good. It feels great to have a hearty conversation and return home.

8. Celebration

Whenever there is a celebration, every aged people gets excited. Birthday parties, tea parties or religious festivals, it is the time to keep your busy schedule back and meet your friends or relatives and have a great time.

9. When it rains

I know that the people who loves sunshine would not agree with this, but the mere sound of a rain makes some people feel good. And which book reader would not like to sit with a book and a hot cup of coffee/tea while it rains?

10. Nature

This is for the readers who has an eye for the nature. Whenever you travel and find something impressive around especially in the hill stations, don’t you feel relaxed? I assume that the travellers too would agree to this.

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