Chocolate punch cake

Who wants to have a cake which tastes and looks exactly like a brownie? Then you are here at the right spot. Chocolate punch cake looks and tastes just like a brownie and even the ingredients which are added to this cake is similar to it’s recipe. The only difference between this cake and the brownie is that the chocolate punch cake is not sweeter and that is an advantage for the one who does not like much sweets. This cake can be baked for a party, a festival or just for a tea time. I am sure that from the young to adult, this cake would be adored. If you like his post click the like button and share. Follow Bookish Refreshment for more such recipes.

The can be consumed without icing but the chocolate icing we have used on this cake is not a recipe to be missed out. So, without further delay scroll down to find out the recipe and let us know your thoughts of it in the comment section below.



Sugar 300g

Cooking chocolate 300g

Cashew 300g (Half roast and grind it to small pieces)

Butter or Margarine 250g

Flour 100g

Eggs 6


Cooking chocolate 200g

Condensed Milk 1 small tin (We used Milkmaid for our recipe)

Water 1/2 cup

Golden syrup 6tbsp

Butter 60g

Vanilla essence 1tsp

Roasted cashews




Start by double boiling the cooking chocolate. (stir well till it comes to the correct consistency)

Mix the ground cashew and flour in another bowl.

Beat sugar and Margarine together and add the eggs one by one into it.

When the mixture is beated well add the double boiled cooking chocolate into it and mix them.

Now add the flour and cashew mixture to the cake batter.

Pre heat the oven to 160 degree C (10 mins prior to bake) and bake fore 45 to 50 minutes.

Take out the cake from the oven when it’s baked.


Double boil the cooking chocolate.

Pour water in a pan and stir well after after adding condensed milk and golden syrup.

After the mixture turns thick, add the double boiled chocolate.

Now add butter and vanilla essence.

When the icing is ready, take the baked cake and cover it with the chocolate icing.

Top the cake with roasted cashews and strawberries


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