Sydney Alexis on The Daughter Of Dawn

Bookish Refreshment is back with another author! Sydney Alexis is a Fantasy novel writer whom we would like to introduce you today. Her hard work for her book by writing, editing and publishing all alone when she just turned 18 years is highly admirable. She declares that if someone works hard for something then they would definitely achieve it. And, she is a good example for that phrase.

In this post the author reveals information of her book, how was her experience while writing and about her future projects. Hope you would find this post interesting. If you find it interesting please like, share and comment below. Click the follow button on the side of the page for more such updates. So, without further delay, scroll down to read the post.

The author about her Fantasy novel:

*Kyra Glade is an ordinary girl from a small town. She took up the sword at her local Knight’s Academy in honor of her mother, who died in service of her country. One quiet afternoon abruptly turns into a whirlwind of loss and discovery, all set into motion by fire. The Daughter of Dawn follows Kyra as she transforms her life, overcomes grief, and learns to control a divine power all with a prophesized war hanging over her head. Whether or not she will be ready to face her destiny when the time comes remains to be seen, but she certainly won’t go down without trying.

* I love my main character, it’s hard not to when I’ve spent so much time in her shoes! However, moving into the sequel, I can’t help being fascinated with Vianna Safir as her past, previously shrouded in mystery, continues to be unveiled more and more interestingly as I continue to write. If I had to pick a favorite right now, I would choose the mysterious knight/assassin, Vianna, who was actually named after a very close friend of mine.

* Anyone from 12 and older could read and enjoy The Daughter of Dawn series! I classify it as young adult, but I think a clever kid or fantasy-loving adult could really enjoy the story as well.

* I think readers will enjoy the complexity of the world it takes place within. While only made up of four countries, each of them have a deeply and uniquely developed history, culture, and people. So far, readers have cited the fight-scenes, world-building, and portrayal of young love as their favorite aspects of the book.

* Something I strongly oppose and speak out against with those closest to me is internalizing emotions. I hope that after reading The Daughter of Dawn, readers can recognize the value in releasing painful feelings, allowing others to help, and most importantly, recognize that it is perfectly O.K. to not be okay, that tears doesn’t make someone weak, and holding back tears doesn’t make someone strong.

*Readers can purchase The Daughter of Dawn on Amazon in paperback! The ebook is pending only because I’d like to wait to release it in that format until I can figure out how to actually format an ebook version properly.

The author on her experience of writing:

*Writing my first novel really showed me what I’m capable of! I wrote it, edited it, and published it completely on my own, finishing it just after I turned 18. Knowing that I could take on and successfully complete a dream project of that magnitude reinforced my belief that if a person sets their mind to something and works hard, they can achieve that something, regardless of what it may be. Not only that, but it helped me work through some internalized emotions I’d been putting off dealing with by writing my characters through them, and it was overall a big boost for my confidence in myself.

*The Daughter of Dawn went through three overall drafts and several major rewrites to its ending. The most difficult part of writing for me was finding a balance between work and play. It was so easy to get consumed with the story that I would write during my every free moment away from school and I allowed time with friends and relationships to take a backseat to writing. Now, with this second book, I’m doing a much better job of balancing all the things I love.

Support by her loved ones:

*I’d have to name my dad for this. Writing is a self-motivated activity for me, but having just one person to read along as I go and react to my words and story made the process infinitely more enjoyable. My dad was that person for this first book and I can’t thank him enough for it.

*My fifth grade teacher said the words “she’s always been a storyteller” about me as I approached my high school graduation. I’ve always had a bit of an overactive imagination, but my high school English teachers really instilled in me a love of words and an appreciation for their power. Having that fascination with words made writing the obvious expressive canvas for the stories I wanted to tell. Now, I can’t picture my life without it.

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The author on her future project:

* I’m currently 47,000 words into the writing of The Daughter of Dawn’s sequel. In it, readers can expect to find out what happens when Kyra travels to Volcan to follow up with her promise to Draco to bring peace to two warring empires. There are a lot of twists and turns to this second installation of the series, and I hope readers are as excited as I am to dig deeper into the world of Azareth and the characters of those that inhabit it.

The author on writing non fiction:

* At the moment, I’m too deep into ideas for finishing out The Daughter of Dawn series, a teen romance work in progress, and another series set in the time of the Salem witch trials to think about nonfiction. But, I do think it would be an honor to someday write the stories of some really amazing people.

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