Rich Semolina Cake

In our last food post, we had posted Chocolate Punch Cake and it unbelievably got a good response in the blog and other accounts as well. If you have not read it yet I have given the link below. Please go and check it out. If you have an idea to try it in the future, let us know how it was. As the last post went well, we have thought of another cake to post today.

Who does not want to have a cake? When it’s Eid, Christmas, birthday parties or any other functions, anyone could not do without a cake. And when you manage to bake it yourself? It would indeed make your heart proud. Bookish Refreshment is today with another such cake that anyone who eat it would not forget to compliment you and it is so easy to make that you could finish it in a short time.

Rich Semolina Cake as it’s name, indeed is rich in taste. The special ingredients that are added to this cake such as semolina, ash gourd, cashew rose essence, golden syrup adds wonder to this cake. While semolina, cashew and ash gourd increases it’s taste, rose essence makes the cake smell too good.

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Semolina As the heading suggests semolina is the key ingredient of this cake. We have used 500g of Semolina to this recipe. Heat it in a low flame and keep it aside to cool before you use this ingredient in the cake.

Margarine Butter instead of Margarine can also be used to this cake. And we have used Margarine for it.

Sugar It would be more suitable if the sugar crystals are ground or powdered well. We have ground the sugar before putting it in the beater.

Eggs As we all know egg is a must for cake. There are eggless cakes now. But most of the cakes are baked with eggs. In this recipe we have used 20 eggs. Separate 10 egg whites and 20 egg yolks for this recipe

Cashew Another ingredients which increases the taste of the cake is the cashew. Usually some prefer nut filled cake than a normal cake. And if it is you, this Rich Semolina Cake would be to your taste. The 500g of cashew we have used in this are cut into pieces.

Ash Gourd Have you ever used Ash Gourd for a cake? Sometimes it would sound a little weird but it tastes definitely delectable in this recipe. The cake would be incomplete without the ash gourd. We have cut them into pieces too and the same amount of cashews, 500g have been used.

Golden syrup The thick syrup which exactly looks like honey is used at last and plays a good role in the cake. We have used 4tbsp of golden syrup in this.

Cardamom powder This ingredient has a different smell in it. For whatever food you use it, cardamom powder will make the dish smell so good. 2tsp of cardamom powder would be enough to do wonders for this recipe.

Rose essence After the ash gourd, the ingredient which one cannot do without in this recipe, is the rose essence. Just 1 1/2tsp of it and you would find the smell last till you have finished eating the cake.

Semolina 500g

Margarine 500g

Sugar 900g

Eggs 20 (10 egg whites and 20 egg yolks separately)

Cashew 500g

Ash gourd 500g

Golden syrup 4tbsp

Cardamom powder 2tsp

Rose essence 1 1/2tsp


Beat Margarine and sugar together.

When it is half beaten, add 20 egg yolks to it.

Meanwhile, beat 10 egg whites separately till peaks form.

When the cake batter is beaten well, add the pieces of cashew, ash gourd and mix them well.

Now, pour golden syrup, cardamom powder, rose essence, semolina and mix them as well.

Finally add the beaten egg whites

After the batter is mixed, pour it in a baking tray and heat the oven to 175 degree C for 10mins.

Bake the cake at 150 degree C for 1 hour.

When the cake is ready ENJOY!!!!

Tip: The bowl in which your are going to beat the egg whites should not contain any drops of water. And the egg whites should be separated by the yolks.

Hope you like this recipe. Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon.

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