Review of Persuasion

She was so ashamed of herself. And it required a long application of solitude and reflection to recover her.

Persuasion, Jane Austen

Novel: Persuasion

Published in: 1818

Genre: Classic

Author: Jane Austen


Anne Elliott of Kellynch Hall is the second of the three daughters of Sir Walter. Anne Elliott was close to Lady Russell who acts as a mother when her own was not alive. As her father was not so compassionate towards her, Anne turns to Lady Russell for advices. When the Elliott Family stars suffering in financial trouble, Sir Walter Elliott along with his elder daughter Elizabeth and her new companion Mrs. Clay leaves Kellynch Hall and moves to Bath where Ann was not sure of enjoying herself. Anne Elliot stays behind in her birthplace to assist Mary Musgrove, her little sister who often gets sick (Mary is married to Charles Musgrove of Uppercross Hall.) Meanwhile the Kellynch Hall was rented by Admiral Croft and his wife Sophia (sister of Captain Frederick Wentworth) It was his marriage offer that Anne had rejected after listening to Lady Russell when she was nineteen. Only Sir Walter and Lady Russell were aware of this affair. When the days passed by Anne got acquainted with Sophia and Admiral Croft and it was easy for her as Wentworth did not arrive to Kellynch Hall yet. And when Anne got aware that he would be back with them soon, the twenty eight year old lady was worried of his anger. Would Captain Wentworth be too fierce towards Anne Elliott?


Recently I got my hands on this Great Works of Jane Austen in Book Haven for such a low price. This book has three novels of the great author, Jane Austen which are Persuasion, Mansfiled Park and Love and Friendship. So let’s find out the review of Bookish Refreshment’s on Persuasion.

Plot: The story has some interesting places as Kellynch Hall, Lyme and Bath. The readers would get a good idea of Lyme and Bath in this classic. Most of the classic novels I have read were mostly situated in Bath or Hertfordshire, so Lyme in this novel was unique and the descriptions made me visualize it’s beautiful views. The story, Persuasion shows the difference between an eighteen year old girl and a twenty eight year old lady. The change of the frame of mind and decision making among the ages are well plotted in this story.


As all Jane Austen novels, I have enjoyed Persuasion as well. The precise words at the suitable time, the conversations, and the characters in the story attracted me to it. The most favourite part of mine in the novel was when Anne shows that all ladies don’t fret in a horrifying situation. They can stand up as well. They can assist the people around them in a disturbing consequence. If you are an admirer of Jane Austen novels, do try this. It would not disappoint you.

Characters: There are many characters to pick among the favourites. Anne Elliott and Captain Wentworth are two among them. Anne’s innocence, intelligence, compassion and strength would immediately attract the readers to her. She proves that ladies though innocent are strong and intelligent. And, Captain Wentworth being a perfect gentleman makes the story more interesting.

The rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Similar: Pride and Prejudice

About the author:

Jane Austen (1775-1817)

Interested in stories, began her writing in notebooks. She was accomplished dancer too. Her first published book was Sense and Sensibility which is popular among the readers. Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813 and it is her second novel. Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are some of the famous novels of the author and are released in printed form after her death. Sanditon is a novel which was left unfinished because of her illness which lead her to leave the world. While Jane Austen’s books fascinated the readers, it was after her death, her brother Henry revealed that she is an author.

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