Beat The Heat

Summer is mostly one of the favourite season among the people. Usually as the season arrives, most of you would like to spend your time in the beaches or doing a picnic out with your friends and family. And for one’s who are in the quarantine it is impossible. So, why don’t you make yourself useful at home by winning the hearts of your family members? You could be useful and also be sipping a fresh shake or munching a delicious dish to beat the heat. Today, we would post 5 such recipes that we have posted in Bookish Refreshment for summer. Please do not forget to like, comment and share. And for more such updates, click the follow button on the side of the page.

  1. Chocolatey Shake

What is better than a cold chocolate shake in the summer with ice cream topped on it? And this shake can be drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup on it as we have used or chocolate sprinkles can be used too. Click the link below to check out the recipe.


2. Agar Agar Cubes

Agar Agar is a best option for the summers. This jelly like substance can be used in many ways and we, Bookish Refreshment has already posted a recipe of these cubes. Do, check it out in the link below.


3. Chocolate Cups

These chocolate cups are filled with a lemon extract and milkmaid mixture which would chill you up. You could also use Ice cream instead of the lemon mixture as a filling. Both the methods would be suitable to beat the heat.


4. Agar Agar Fruit Cubes

Fruits are everyone’s favourite but it is also mostly preferred in the summers. Fruits are always used in a shake or salad. In this summer why don’t you try to make Agar Agar Cubes from them? Click the link below to try it out.


5. Chocolate Punch Cake

Finally, We would like to finish this post by giving you the link of Chocolate Punch Cake which is the mostly liked recipe of our blog. This cake would be perfect for the chocolate lovers to have at home. Click the link to check out the recipe. Have a happy summer. Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon.


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