Author Interview on Time Jumpers

We are back with another Author Interview! Morgan Taylor is a young author who has spent five years in her book, Time Jumpers. Her hard work and patience is highly admirable. She treats writing as a job and spend most of the hours in it. In this interview, Morgan Taylor reveals her experience and information about her book. Hope you would find this post interesting.

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The Author on her book:

* My book follows main characters Prince Desmond and commoner Kyra as they travel through time as they search for missing parts of Desmond’s family’s Magyk. Desmond’s family rules their country of Thayenthia using Magyk but at the beginning of the book it disappears and Desmond is left with 5 clues he must follow so that his family can keep ruling.

*The message for my readers in the book is that choice is the ultimate gift.

* The adventure and the mystery will attract readers to my book.

* My book is available on as an e-book for 2.99 and a paperback for 14.99.

The Author about her and her experience on writing:

* I think Desmond’s uncle Caelob was my favorite character to write.

* I spent 5 years on my book so I would say I put a lot of effort into it. However as I’ve grown as a writer I’ve learned how to put more effort and yet less frustration into it. This first book as a mess of an adventure.

* I treat writing like a job so I generally spend multiple hours a day writing. I probably write or do writing like things (outlining, promoting my book, etc) for close to 30 hours a week.

* At first the book was called Star Eyes but I came to Time Jumpers semi early after that.

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Her inspiration for writing:

* I have loved following the careers of Christine Riccio, Neil Gaiman, Paulo Coelho, Banana Yoshimoto, and JRR Tolkien.

* One of my childhood friends was writing a book simultaneously as following her guidance really helped me find my motivation.

Morgan on her support from friends and family:

*I’ve had a lot of supportive friends and family which is a rarity in the writing profession so I feel very grateful.

Advice for young writers:

* My advice for young writers would be to write what you love and keep writing. Write what scares you. Write was thrills you. Find yourself in writing. And then find your happiness in writing.

Link for the author’s Instagram.

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