Omelette Noodles

Most of the people love eggs for breakfast. And when it’s breakfast time there would be varieties of dishes using eggs, such as egg benedict, boiled eggs, poached eggs omelette and so on. We are here today with a different recipe suitable for your breakfast table. Having it on the dinner too is not a bad idea.

We hope that the readers would guess the dish by the name Omelette Noodles. Yes, it’s an omelette with noodles inside. The noodles is cooked with bell pepper, carrot, onion and meat. The ones who does not love meat can include chicken to it. If you want you can use sauce to dip the dish and consume it. We hope this recipe would satisfy your family members and friends. Who would not want to their breakfast in a different style. And this is another recipe from Bookish Refreshment which could be prepared easily and the ingredients too are not hard to find out.

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Boiled noodles 2packets

Eggs 8

Spring onion leaves 250g

Carrot 1

Pieces of bell pepper half

Ground meat or chicken 250g

Chopped onion 200g



Ginger 1tsp



  1. When the oil is heated, add ginger, pieces of onions and sauté.

2. Add the pieces of carrot and bell pepper when it is half boiled add meat and let it boil.

3. Add salt, pepper, boiled noodles and spring onion leaves.

4. When you have finished adding the spring onion leaves, off the stove and mix them.

5. Now in a separate bowl pour in two eggs, add salt, pepper and beat them well.

6. Pour the beaten eggs in a heated pan and place the noodles mixture on top of it.

7. When the omelette is ready, fold it as we have shown below and enjoy it with a sauce.

Thanks for reading and hope you would like this post. Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon!

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