Review on Mansfield Park

Every moment has it’s pleasure and it’s hope

Mansfield Park, Jane Austen

Novel: Mansfield Park

Published in: 1814

Genre: Classic

Author: Jane Austen


Little Fanny Price was assisted to the Mansfield Park by Aunt Norris where Lady Bertram (Her aunt) and Sir Thomas Bertram lives. The timid girl feels isolated leaving her family behind to live with her aunt in Mansfield Park. While Edmund (Son of Lady Bertram) assists her in the tough time, the sisters of his, finds out that little Fanny was not educated. When Fanny grew up with her cousins in Mansfield Park, she accompanies her Aunt, Lady Bertram whenever she was in need. Now, it was the time for her cousin Maria to consider marriage. Maria Bertram finds out two gentleman named Mr. Rushworth and Mr. Crawford. When Mr. Crawford shatters the expectations of Maria she marries Mr. Rushworth. As few months pass by, Mr. Crawford returns to Mansfield Park and offers his hand in marriage for Fanny. The young lady is not satisfied with the offer due to his past comportment. And now she is in the dilemma on choosing between Edmund and Mr. Crawford. Read Mansfield Park to find out her decision.


Plot- As usual Jane Austen’s words were perfect. The timid Fanny’s struggle as a child and then as a grown up is the story of this book. You would find the way how a poor, timid girl struggles to make herself comfortable in a rich property as Mansfield Park. How she copes to live with her intelligent cousins and wishes to live with her brother William while she is assisted by her cousin Edmund in her struggle is clear in the story.

Experience- Mansfield Park for me was not so interesting as Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion. While the first few chapters were not so interesting, I got engrossed in the middle. Edmund’s assistance to Fanny, Sir Thomas tenderness and the bond between Fanny and Miss. Crawford made it interesting. But, yes Mansfield Park was totally different than any of the other novels of the author.

Characters- The characters were well shaped in the story and there are too many in the novel that would catch your attention. Fanny, Edmund, Sir Thomas, Lady Bertram and William are some of them. While being interested on finding Edmund assist his cousin Fanny, The scenario of the siblings Fanny and William would also engross you.

The Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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About the author:

Jane Austen (1775-1817)

Interested in stories, Jane Austen began her writing in notebooks. She was accomplished dancer too. Her first published book was Sense and Sensibility which is popular among the readers. Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813 and it is her second novel. Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are some of the famous novels of the author and are released in printed form after her death. Sanditon is a novel which was left unfinished because of her illness which lead her to leave the world. While Jane Austen’s books fascinated the readers, it was after her death, her brother Henry revealed that she is an author.

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5 thoughts on “Review on Mansfield Park

  1. Ah, another Austen book still on my to-read list! I’ve seen a movie adaptation and liked it, but I still want to read the original. As you say, Austen’s words are a treat that cannot be captured in the more visual medium of film.

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