Review of Edenbrooke

I have discovered happiness in being true to who I am. I hope you will give that idea some consideration

Edenbrooke, Julianne Donaldson

Novel: Edenbrooke

Published in: 2012

Genre: Fiction

Author: Julianne Donaldson


Marianne Daventry lives with her grandmother after the death of her mother and yearns to live with her father who has travelled to France for his occupation. Marianne hated bath and wants to live in the countryside where she could explore and twirl as she desires. As she turns seventeen, Grand Mother of Marianne is worried of her grand daughter’s unladylike deportment. She wants her to stop twirling and be graceful as Marianne’s twin sister Cecily Daventry who lives in London with her cousins. When Cecily invites Marianne to Edenbrooke, she gets excited to spend her time again in a place where she likes. The young lady’s grand mother announces Marianne’s inheritance from her and warns her grand daughter to behave like a proper young lady. With the expectations of living up to her grand mother’s wishes and excitement of visiting Edenbrooke, Marianne sets off with a maid called Betsy where her carriage gets attacked by a highwayman. After fighting him, Marianne finds her coachman wounded and assists him to the nearby inn where she meets a gentleman (Philip Wyndham) and asks him for assistance. When Philip refuses to help, she settles out everything with the innkeeper. But, Philips helps her later when she was about to faint due to the tiresome day. Marianne finds out him a true gentleman and decides to be friends on his request. But, after the young lady introduces herself, Philips restlessness and the refusal to reveal his true identity makes her curious. To find out the reason behind this suspicious behaviour, I would recommend to read the book.


Plot- The readers would definitely enjoy the story of Marianne Daventry. You would never get bored while reading though the chapters and the plot would interest you immensely. The brave, compassionate Marianne and the sudden change of Philip’s reserved behaviour to a joyful life would hook you to the book. Each and every characters have their own important roles and Edenbrooke would teach the readers that whatever flaws you have in your life, being true to yourself is the greatest pleasure in life.

Experience- The book started the charm with it’s first page. The cherishing words of Edenbrooke while the author describes a view would help the readers to imagine them easily. Julianne Donaldson and Edenbrooke would be an inspiration for the readers and reading the book repeatedly would not ever tire them. This is the book for Jane Austen’s admirers and Bookish Refreshment highly recommend this book to the readers.

Characters- No characters are wasted in the story and each character has an interesting part to play. While Marianne’s deportment and Philip’s mystery entertain the readers, William, Rachel and Lady Caroline would engross you to the story.

The rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the Author:

Julianne Donaldson is the famous author of her debut novel Edenbrooke. The book was so admired by the readers that a sequel of it named Heir to Edenbrooke was released later. After the author earned her degree in English she busied herself in writing and has written many wonderful novels as Blackmoore and Lost in Scotland. The award winning novels of hers are translated in 15 different languages.

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