Review of A place called Here

I can only assume that there’s only one thing more frustrating than not being able to find someone, and that’s not being found.

A Place Called Here, Cecelia Ahern

Novel: A Place Called Here

Published in: 2006

Genre: Novel, Fantasy

Author: Cecelia Ahern


A Place Called Here starts with the Protagonist, Sandy Shortt revealing herself lost. Sandy was always curious as a child on the things which were lost and not to be found. Either it’s a pair of socks or a friend of hers. This made her parents the reason to worry and the protagonist was sent near the doctor Gregory to speak her heart out. But nothing changed. Sandy Shortt’s curiosity remained the same. And as she grew up her curiousness grew too and that made her work for the people who were missing. She commenced to find them out by opening an agency. Jack Ruttle found this out and contacted her to find his brother out. And when the day arrived for them to meet, Jack found her abandoned car. Has she gone out for a work or is she missing as well? If she is missing, where would Sandy Shortt be?



Cecilia Ahern with her fantastic thoughts and writing had drafted her fantasy book in an unimaginable way. The plot of A Place Called Here is different. Have you ever wondered where the missing things and people go after they are lost? The story is about it, and Bookish Refreshment deeply liked the idea of the author. After reading fantasy novels with elves, flying dragons and knights with shining armors, this story would be a change to the fantasy readers.


The first episode ends with a cliffhanger. Some cliffhangers do sound dramatic and cliché but this did not. The cliffhanger of the first page in A Place Called Here would sharpen your interest. The book would take you to another, totally different world where the author would leave you to experience many situations. I have read behind one of the books of Cecelia Ahern’s it was written Cecilia, Making The Every Day Magical. That was true indeed. Being a reader or reviewer no one would forget to mention the covers of her book as they are always attractive.


Sandy Shortt wants to find out where each and every thing or people disappear. Each child has the same doubt but as they grow up their thoughts fade away but Sandy did not leave her curiosity to vanish. And that was one thing which would interest the readers in the book. The impatience of Jack Ruttle on Sandy’s disappearance assisted the book to get more compulsive. Helen, Gregory and Bobby too added more flavour to the book.

The rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Author:

Cecelia Ahern is an Irish writer and is well known for her best selling books like PS, I Love You, Where the rainbow ends etc. Her first published novel was an instant hit among the readers and was published in 2004. The author has written many novels and short stories as well. Cecelia Ahern has won many awards for her books and had obtained a degree in journalism before she entered to the world of writing. A Place Called Here was her fourth novel and was published in 2006.

5 thoughts on “Review of A place called Here

  1. Oh, I wonder where the lost things go all the time. So many times I’ve had the experience of things mysteriously vanishing, and while they usually turn up again in a place I’m sure I’ve looked a thousand times, some remain at large. This book sounds like a story I could relate to very well.

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  2. I love Cecilia Ahern for PS:I Love You but her books after didn’t impress me too much. Will definitely be checking this out though since the plot line sounds really interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person

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