Strawberry Milkshake

We are back with another beverage. Who doesn’t like milkshake? Indeed everyone does. Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, that doesn’t matter. There are many sweet tooth in this world to grab one whenever they can. Maybe on your way to work or just to have a good time around with your friends, this blended drink is chosen by all the ages. Today you could find another simple and tasty method to prepare a milkshake all by yourself at home.

Bookish Refreshment has already posted a chocolatey shake in the blog a few months before. You could click the link below and check it out. And, if you like this post do not forget to like, share and comment. To be updated with our posts, click the follow button in the side of the page. Without further delay, scroll down to find out the yummy recipe.

Chocolatey shake


Strawberries Chocolate and strawberries are two things that do wonders to any dishes. Just a piece of it and it would be a magic. And these strawberries are the main key ingredient of this beverage. Sixteen of them would be enough to serve three glasses.

Vanilla essence This essence is usually used in every sweet dishes that you make. Either it’s a cake or a pudding. Shake or milks, vanilla could not be ignored. And here we use two teaspoon of them to the shake.

Sugar Four tablespoons of sugar are included to this recipe. Though we normally use brown sugar, we have chosen white sugar for this so the colour of the strawberry milkshake would not be changed.

Whipping Cream This is another ingredient which doubles the taste of foods. And by choosing whipping cream for this, the milkshake tasted more better. Five tablespoon of whipping cream is used here.

Milk Milkshake would be incomplete without milk. The name itself declares it. We used three and a half cup of milk to the strawberry milkshake.

Milk 3 1/2cups

Strawberries 16

Whipping cream 5tbsp

Vanilla essence 2tsp

Sugar 4tbsp


In a blender add pieces of strawberries, sugar, whipping cream, vanilla essence, milk and blend them well. Now in the glasses you serve, take a spoon of strawberry jam and draw designs as you desire. Pour the strawberry milkshake in it and add a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Garnish with strawberries and serve cool!!

Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon.

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