Review on The Selection

Every girl needs to shine once in a while.

The Selection, Kiera Cass

Novel: The Selection

Published in: 2012

Genre: Young Adult

Author: Kiera Cass


America Singer who is a five was prompted by her mother and Aspen (A six) to include her name to the competition of being the next princess of Illea. Though America was not interested in it, she signs her name to the competition. And when she finds her heart broken by Aspen, she believes that entering the palace would be the best option. America struggles her first day in the palace miserably and finds Prince Maxon on the way to the garden that night. She finds him a good man as he permits her to stay in the palace after listening to her story. While she was getting comfortable to the palace with her friends in the competition, Rebels, Injustice of the king and the arrival of Aspen as a guard makes her double check the thoughts.



Readers would get to experience the chance of living in a palace in this book. The struggles of a prince, princess, king, queen, guards and even the maids would clearly be visible here. The lives of the rich and the poor and the struggles of a five, trying to be a one or three would be interesting to read. The rich setups of the lavishing parties would remind you of the classic books that you have read.


After finding reviews on this book by almost every reviewers of Instagram, I thought of reading The Selection but I decided to review it after reading the trilogy. The Selection is a better book to find the rules and struggles of a princess. I loved the imagination of the writer and the way she writes and yes, after reading The Selection I could not stop myself from reaching to the Elite and The One.


The Singer America’s genuineness of being a five although she turns three after entering the life of choosing a princess and Prince Maxon’s stand up against the injustice of his father were adorable. Characters such as Marlee, Celeste, Lucy, May were also interesting in the The Selection. Aspen was also drafted well to continue the curiosity in the book.

The rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

About the author:

Kiera Cass is the New York Times #1 Best Selling Author. She is an American writer of Young Adult stories and is well known for The Selection series. The author was brought up in South Carolina and was graduated in History. Kiera has written many books and Novellas. The famous Selection book was published in 2012 and was turned into a movie on 2013.

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