Fruit Art #2

Bookish Refreshment is back with another Fruit Art as promised. Yes, we know fruit arts are rare in a blog but who does not like creativity? The fruit art above could be done with just three fruits. We have used a watermelon, kiwi and some grapes here. We always make a fruit salad or cut the fruits and eat it out. Why not try once to keep the plate of fruits presentable? This would be a great idea to parties too. Bookish Refreshment has already posted a fruit art before and you can press the link below to take a look at it.

Fruit Art #1: Click Here

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Take a whole watermelon and cut it into half. Peel off the skin and take off the seeds. Now place the knife to the horizontal side of the melon and cut it as shown above in the picture.

Place the knife in the vertical shape and cut the watermelon as shown in the picture above. When you are done with it. Slide the pieces of melon to both the sides using your hands as shown below and place the grapes and kiwi on top.

Thanks for reading. Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon!

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