Author Interview with Amy Voltaire

Amy Voltaire has just written the book which is the most wanted among the readers considering the increase of drug addiction around the world today. And we did not double check our thoughts on reaching her after reading the title of the book. In this interview Amy Voltaire reveals information about her book and experience on her writing. Hope you would find this interview useful.

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The Author on her book My name is Erin and my Mom’s an addict:

*The book is about a fourteen-year-old girl named Erin who is being raised by her paternal grandparents because her father died and her mother, a heroin addict, abandoned her.

* There is a message of hope in the book. Even if someone you love is an addict, there’s help and support for you, and you can learn to live a happy life regardless of whether or not your addicted loved one gets and stays clean.

*The readers from 12 and up can read the book.

* An editor suggested the title of the book. Part of it comes from actual dialogue within the book.

* I didn’t research much except for a little about how N.A. meetings work.

*It’s available in many places, including my website ( and Amazon. It’s also available on Audible. A search of the title on the internet will return many choices.

The Author about her and her experience on writing.

* I wrote for assignments in grade school. In sixth grade, I was selected to attend the Young Author’s Conference. That was when I realized that I might have a knack for writing.

*Since grade school (probably sixth grade) I wanted to be a writer.

* I think the most important element in writing is that it’s important for your characters to be believable, even in genres like fantasy or science-fiction. All humans, regardless of what setting they live in, experience similar emotions such as love, grief, anger, and jealousy. Your readers must be able to identify with your characters

*I don’t plot. I create the characters and then they do the rest. With characters, I start with a vague idea of how they may look, carry themselves, and what they want.

*The end spot of my living room couch, with a cup of coffee always in reach is my writing space.

Author Amy Voltaire

Advice for new writers:

*Write every day. Don’t stop to reread and edit. Wait until your first draft is complete before reviewing. I learned this from a book on writing by Stephen King.

Link for author’s Instagram:

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