Review on The Book Of Tomorrow

What if we knew what tomorrow would bring? Would we fix? Could we?

The Book Of Tomorrow, Cecelia Ahern

Novel: The Book Of Tomorrow

Published in: 2009

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Author: Cecelia Ahern


Tamara Goodwin loses her father and all the wealth she and her mother possessed due to the debt of Mr. Goodwin. Tamara was usually not in a good note with her father and after his death her rage increases. She, along with her mother goes to reside in a tiny village at her uncle’s home. The village was strange with no transport facilities and her Aunt Rosaleen too makes her curious from her mysterious behaviour. One day a bus filled with books appears in the village and Tamara enters the bus to find out a book which was empty. Few days later she finds her own writing appear in it. And, all the things which was written in the book slowly unfolds in her future. The book starts revealing the mystery in her life. Would the book of tomorrow be a solution to her problems?



The book slowly turns from a normal to a mystery and that’s what would attract the readers to the book. The book which Tamara Goodwin finds in the bus plays a great role in the story as the readers would always be waiting to read her future occurrence in it. The action she takes after reading every entry and the way she tries to fit into her fantasy life would also be interesting. The plot can be simply referred as fascinating.


The book of tomorrow would be an intriguing read and the title itself would pique the curiosity. The title just sounds like a non fiction but the story is a pure fiction which would arouse a spooky feeling while you read. The mystery and the secrets in it would keep the story alive. The moment Tamara Goodwin switches to a tiny village, the readers would be restless till they solve the mystery.


Every characters in the story would be revolved around a mystery and would also keep the story alive till the end. Tamara Goodwin’s confusion on reading the book which held her future, Rosaleen’s mysterious behaviour, Jennifer’s sudden change in her deportment would be sure to raise the consciousness of the readers. Overall Cecelia Ahern has done a great job while plotting the characters.

The rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the author:

Cecelia Ahern is an Irish writer and is well known for her best selling books like PS, I Love You, Where the rainbow ends etc. Her first published novel was an instant hit among the readers and was published in 2004. The author has written many novels and short stories as well. Cecelia Ahern has won many awards for her books and had obtained a degree in journalism before she entered to the world of writing. The Book Of Tomorrow was her seventh novel.

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