Bread Quiche/Bread Toast Cups

Breakfast is a meal which is advised for not being skipped but the busy Moms have a tiring time everyday on attempting to feed their children on certain dishes. Bread Quiche would take you out of the difficulty. The ingredients in them would be deeply cherished by the children and finding something new on their table would make them curious to taste it. When they find their daily bread turned into colourful cups no one could stop them from reaching the bread quiche. The ingredients are easy to find and preparing the dish would also not consume your time.

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Bread slices The main key ingredient for this recipe are the bread slices. You can make one bread quiche cup out of one slice the amount you desire can be taken.

Butter This ingredient always adds a taste wherever it is used. Either a cake or a bread butter always does the magic to the dish. Here we use the ingredient to apply them on the bread.

Shredded beef If you are not a beef lover you can either skip it or use chicken/ fish instead of meat. 300g of meat are needed for this dish and should be shredded well before you use it in the filling.

Onion Almost every dishes in Sri Lanka are prepared using onions. And here we use two small onions.

Bell pepper They always do wonders to a dish by their colours and here we use the red pepper. The outcome would be just adorable when it is mixed with the other ingredients as it brings colour to the filling. We use half bell pepper in the dish.

Chilli flakes The people who likes spice would be thankful for it as it increases the level of spice in the bread quiche. We use 1tbsp of it here.

Eggs Some do not have their breakfast without eggs and how could we miss it in this toast cup? The eggs should be well beaten with salt before use. Six eggs are used here.


Slices of bread (1 slice would make 1 cup)


Onion (small) 2

Red bell pepper 1/2

Shredded meat 300g

Pepper 1/2tbsp

Chilli flakes 1tbsp


Eggs 6


Use a round shape cutter or a mould and cut the bread into a circle shape. Apply butter on both sides of the bread and shape them in a muffin mould or tray by pressing them well using your fingers.

For the filling:

To a heated pan pour some oil and add the onions. After it is sautéed well ass bell pepper, shredded beef, chilli flakes, salt, pepper and mix them well.

After the filling is ready, beat six eggs well in a separate bowl with salt.

Now put the meat filling on the bread which are in the muffin tray/mould. Sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on it and finally pour the beaten eggs over them. Heat the oven for 200C and bake the cups for 10mins. Temperature varies for different ovens so take the cups away when they turn golden brown.

The Bread Quiche Cups Are Ready!!

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