Review on False Impression

What sort of a person keeps two million in cash hidden in a safety deposit box in Queens?

False Impression, Jeffrey Archer

Novel: False Impression

Published in: 2005

Genre: Mystery

Author: Jeffrey Archer


Lady Victoria gets murdered in her own residence, Thornton House by an unknown lady. Lady Victoria was known to be in debt before her death and it was when she was writing a letter to her sister Arabella about the way to get rid from it, the incident occurred. Fenston of Fenston Finance was known on having an eye on the painting of Van Gogh which is in Thornton House. While The FBI tries to find out the culprit of the murder. Jack who is an agent of the FBI suspects Anna, the employee of Fenston. When Anna’s master fires her from the job, the young lady with the help of her friend Tina who is also an employee of Fenston tries to protect the painting of Van Gogh by him. Anna visits Arabella and volunteers to help her. The young lady declares her as a well wisher of Lady Victoria and takes the painting with her. On the way to her destination she gets followed by Jack and another lady who Anna is unaware of. What would happen if she finds out the unknown lady as the murderer of Lady Victoria? What would be the murderer’s motive? Will Anna be able to fulfill her promise to Arabella?



Many mysteries waits to unfold in this story and you cannot miss it. Though the culprit of murdering Lady Victoria was clear from the beginning of the story, the way Anna tries to return the painting of Van Gogh while two different people follow her with two different motives would be interesting. The story would show you the importance of being loyal either it’s a long term friendship or a short one. Anna’s loyalty towards Lady Victoria even after her death in the story would be highly respectable. The brave and intelligent aura of Anna while she plots to reach the painting of Van Gogh to the desired place and her hard work for it would be thrilling to read.


The mystery in the story was different as the characters did not hold them. Every motive of them were clear. The whole mystery and the thrill surrounded the plot in this book. Overall the characters were well planned, words, rich and fine and the plot was perfectly written. The book was not disappointing at all and the book deserves to be read.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the author:

Jeffrey Archer was a former Politian and now a famous English writer who has written many novels, short stories and plays. He was born on 1940 and his first book was not a penny more, not a penny less published in 1974. The novel Kane and Abel written by the author was published in 1979 and reached No 1 in the New York Times bestsellers list. False Impression was published in 2005.

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