Easy Layered Jelly Pudding

Bookish Refreshment is back with another easy dessert!

Layered Jelly Pudding is an easy dish which is both rich in beauty and taste. If you are a beginner and are thinking of working your charm on cooking this would be the best recipe to start. The ingredients are few and also can be easily found. There are two layers of jelly in the recipe and a layer of condensed milk. You can choose any flavour you prefer and start make your life changing dish. The video of the recipe could be watched in our Youtube channel named Flavousrsome.

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The main four ingredients are given below for the other ingredients scroll down:

Jelly As informed before two flavours of Jelly/Jello are needed to the recipe. Any flavours can be used to the Jelly Pudding. We have used the Motha brand Strawberry and Greenage flavoured Jelly here. Click the word Motha and find the information there.

Condensed Milk- We use the condensed milk in the middle layer. Condensed milk play a special part in every dessert recipe and so it does here too. It increases the taste and the colour of it well matches with the red and green coloured Jelly. We have used the condensed milk of Milkmaid

Gelatine- Gelatine plays its major part on helping the jelly to set well. The powder should be dissolved in hot water before using it. The method would be given below. Gelatine of the Motha brand is used here.

Strawberry Flavoured Jelly 100g

Greenage / Apple Flavoured Jelly 100g

Milkmaid 1 small tin


Hot Water

Vanilla essence 1tsp

Whipping Cream (For garnishing)


1st Layer:

Pour 2 teacups of hot water to the strawberry jelly and mix them. In a separate bowl mix 2tsp of gelatine powder with 2tbsp of hot water and mix them. After the gelatine gets dissolved well, pour it to the strawberry jelly. Pour the Jelly in a mould and keep it in the refrigerator to set.

2nd Layer:

Mix 1 small tin of Milkmaid with 1 small tin of water and add vanilla essence to it. In a separate bowl add 30g of gelatine powder and mix it with 1/2 teacup of hot water. After the powder is dissolved strain it to get rid from undissolved gelatine pieces. Mix 2tbsp of sugaras well. When the strawberry jelly is set take it out and pour the milkmaid on it. Keep it again in the refrigerator to set.

3rd Layer:

Mix greenage/Apple flavoured Jelly with 2teacups of hot water. In a separate bowl mix 2tsp of gelatine powder with 2tbsp of hot water. After the gelatine powder is dissolved pour it in the jelly. Add 2tbsp of sugar and mix well. When the milkmaid is set take it our an pour the greenage jelly. Keep it again in the refrigerator to set.

When the Layered Jelly Pudding is ready decorate with whipping cream and serve cool!


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