Review on The Silent Patient

We’re all crazy, I believe, just in different ways

The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides

Novel: The Silent Patient

Published in: 2019

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Author: Alex Michaelides


The artist Alicia Berenson was found near her dead husband who was tied to the chairs and shot five times on his face. The wife who was found in a shocked state was the only person present in the room. The mystery of Alicia Berenson continued but she was unable to speak her thoughts out. While all the people in the society accused her for Gabriel’s death, Alicia was sent to the Grove for treatment under a psychiatrist. Meanwhile Theo Faber who was a psychiatrist as well tries to join the Grove to treat Alicia Berenson. Finally he gets the chance to join the Grove, he tries his best to make his patient speak out her thoughts. When Alicia starts responding after her silence, her secrets leads a twist in Theo’s life.



A simple word to describe this book would be exemplary. The excitement level a reader has after reading the title and finding the cover would be sure to increase and never die down while reading the story. The book would keep you confused from the beginning to the end though you have read the blurb already. The specialty of this psycho thriller book is the secrets in it. While the readers believe that they have found out the answer of the mystery, it would be totally different when you reach the end.


From the title to the book cover all matches the story perfectly. Merely the blurb would make you read the book of the psychiatrist Theo and his patient Alicia. You would be sure to be satisfied after reading it. Every characters had their own secrets and the readers would come to a point where they would suspect them all. The story would teach you to be in the right path whatever guilt you are feeling for a mistake. This New York Times Bestseller is highly recommended from us and do not miss the chance of reading it. The Silent Patient, Wuthering Heights and Rebecca are some books which is a must in every reader’s list.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the author:

Alex Michealides studied psychotherapy for two years and was also a student of English Literature in Cambridge University. The silent Patient was his debut novel and was published in 2019. The psycho thriller book was #1 New York Times BestSeller book. The book also won the Goodreads Choice Award.

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