Easy Fondant Icing

The novel Attaining Anderson Hall which is written by JSFM Quraish is released finally! And soon would be available on store! Starting the journey by Wattpad (An online App where writers could showcase their work) it is a pleasure to find my book published. This Cake is baked to show the readers a glimpse of the cover of the Historical Fiction. The picture of the book would be updated soon. If you want further details about the book, click the link given below.

Attaining Anderson Hall by JSFM Quraish

Fondant Icing is an icing which catches the attraction of all the people as it helps the cake to give a certain pattern you desire. Either books, handbags, laptop or a normal icing on cake, Fondant Icing would be the best option for your creative hands. Cakes are usually the most favourite food item among children and adults as well and Fondant Icing among all the icing is unique and attractive. In this post you could read the easy method to make a Fondant Icing.

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Hot Water- The water which is hot is usually used to melt the gelatine and as we use gelatine to the Fondant Icing we use hot water here. 3tbsp of hot water is required for the Fondant Icing.

Gelatine- Gelatine is the fairymother of every desserts and it does its charm here as well. Gelatine keeps the icing thick. 2 1/2tbsp of gelatine is needed.

Glucose Syrup- Glucose Syrup has a thick consistency and you should be careful while using them. Do not pour too much of it as the icing would turn sticky. 3tbsp of Glucose Syrup is needed.

Glycerine- This ingredient is one of the most needed in the Fondant Icing. Glycerine gives your icing a dough like consistency. 3tbsp are used here.

Food Colouring- The colour which you like to use in the icing depends on you. Any colour can be used for the icing. Blue and white are used here.

Hot water 3tbsp

Gelatine 2 1/2tbsp

Glucose syrup 3tbsp

Glycerine 3tbsp

Food Colouring (Blue)


Dissolve the gelatine well in hot water and add glucose syrup and glycerine. Strain the mixed gelatine to get rid of any pieces.

In a separate bowl, put 1kilo of icing sugar little by little to the mixed gelatine and mix them well. Use a spoon in the beginning and knead from hands when necessary. Form the mixture to a ball. When the ball comes to a consistency of not getting stick to the hands, and soft, stop adding the icing sugar. Cover the Fondant ball and keep it aside for 8 hours. When you are about to use it for the cake after 8 hours, knead it by sprinkling icing sugar so the fondant would not be sticked to the floorboard or hands.

Roll and flatten the Fondant Icing Ball and use it as you desire!


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