Mini Book Haul

Recently Big Bad Wolf Books, Sri Lanka conducted a sale for some famous books which were much affordable. Being a Classic novel admirer we got our hands on some amazing books which had a fair amount of price. This post is a mini book haul of it.

When you speak of classic many famous books come to your mind Little Women, Go set a watchman, The woman in white are some of them. We also purchased a book of one of the best selling author of the present named Murder house. The reviews of the books would be updated in the next posts. Scroll down to find out some information about the books.

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Little Women

Little Women is one of the classic novel which is cherished among many readers. The four March sisters set good examples and motivates the young readers of the book. The novel is based on the author’s early life. The famous novel was written by the author Louisa May Alcott and was first published in two volumes. Little women is also adapted into a film. The review of this book would be our next review and if you are a classic reader, you must have this book in your shelf.

Go set a watchman

Go Set a Watchman is said to be the sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird but has captured everyone’s heart with a different story. The novel is said to be unforgettable for the humanity of the book, wisdom, humor and so on. The book was written by Harper Lee after his prize winning novel To kill a mocking bird. It was first published in 2015 and the book was awarded with the Goodreads Choice Awards for the best fiction.

The woman in white

The woman in white was written by Wilkie Collins and was his fifth published classic novel. The book was written in 1859 and is adored for its mystery. The Woman in white is said to be in the Victorian genre which is mixed with gothic horror and psychology. Such books always makes wonders to the readers. The book is also adapted into films. The review of every books would be updated soon.

Murder House

The Murder House was published in 2015 and is said to be a Mystery/Thriller novel which holds suspense. The book was written by James Peterson and David Ellis. The summary of the story of the detective Jenna Murphy would be sure to make the readers curious to read. James Peterson is said to be one of the best selling writers and believe that the story would be interesting. You would be able to read our review of the mystery book soon.

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