Fruit Trifle

We are with another recipe which a sweet tooth would prefer. If you think of a dessert what ideas would hit your mind? Some would prefer cakes, kids would like to have jelly, some would have the craving for custard pudding and so on. But, fruit trifle is a layer of fruits, jelly, custard, cakes, and whipped cream which would help you to enjoy all the desserts in one cup. Don’t the mere ingredients urge you to prepare and taste them? We are here to help you with that. This Easy and delicious Fruit Trifle would be a treat for the consumer and the beginners who are thinking to try their hands on foods.

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Blended Lemon Puff Biscuit/ Chocolate Biscuit- We have chosen the biscuits to this recipe instead of cakes and the blended lemon puff biscuits would indeed make you taste more of the trifle

Jelly- Two colours of jelly should be chosen for this recipe and here red (strawberry) and green (apple) are used. The method of making them are given below.

Pudding- Custard Pudding usually is the favourite among the sweet tooth and how can anyone miss it in the trifle? Custard Pudding works its charm here and doubles the taste.

Whipped Cream- A trifle, pudding, jelly, cake or any other desserts would be incomplete without whipped cream as it gives the final touch and also makes a dessert more presentable.

For Fruit Salad:

Fruits (Banana, Papaya and apple)

Sugar (According to your taste)

Condensed Milk 2tbsp


For the jelly layer:

Jelly (Red and Green) 100g

Gelatine 2tsp

Hot Water 2 cups (for each)

For the custard layer:

Milk 400ml

Custard Pudding 4tbsp

Sugar 40g


Fruit Salad:

Add pieces of banana, papaya and apple to a bowl and mix them with 2tbsp of condensed milk, sugar (according to your taste) and vanilla essence.

Note: When mango or pineapple is used boil them and squeeze away the water.


For 100g of strawberry jelly (Red Jelly), pour two cups of hot water. In a separate bowl mix 2tsp of gelatine powder with 2tbsp of hot water and dissolve the gelatine powder in it.

For the green coloured jelly you can use the apple flavoured packet and mix it with two cups of hot water.

Custard Pudding:

Mix the custard powder with a small amount of milk.

In a heated pan add 400ml of milk. Add 40g of sugar, mixed custard pudding. When the mixture turns slighlty thick and turns like a cream, take the pan aways and keep aside to cool.

Similar: Layered Jelly Pudding

In a glass spread the bottom of it with the blended Lemon Puff Biscuit/Chocolate Biscuit. Layer the top with some fruit salad and pour the strawberry jelly on top. Keep it in the refrigerator to set. When the jelly is set, take out out of the refrigerator and pour the green jelly on it. Keep the glass again in the refrigerator till the jelly set. When the jelly is set take it out of the refrigerator again and pour some custard pudding on top. At last decorate it with whipped cream. Keep 1/2 an hour or 1 hour in the refrigerator to cool.

Fruit Trifle is ready!!

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