Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Sunny or Rainy isn’t a worry for the ones who like to have ice cream. It is present on any occasions or under any weather. Either Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch or Strawberry, the sweetened frozen food is in high demand. How would it feel when you could make one by yourself? The question is directed to the beginners too. Indeed making a tub of ice cream is not a tiring job as you believe it to be. And we are here to guide you in the process of making it in very easy steps. Yes, no more rush for stores on Ice cream craving as you can make it easily at home just by using four ingredients!

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Chocolate Cups-


Whipping cream- From the two main ingredients on the process of making an ice cream at home, whipping cream is one of the essential product to use as it gives you the exact taste of an ice cream sold in a shop. The ingredient should be well beaten before you use it.

Condensed Milk- Condensed Milk is a favourite among every foodie. The texture of it and the taste blends well in any sweets. And the same result appears here as well. A tin of condensed milk is used here.

Milk- As we have mentioned above, the next key ingredient to an ice cream would be milk. The ice cream you make would be incomplete without this. 450ml of milk is used here.

Vanilla essence- When you prepare a vanilla ice cream, vanilla essence is a must to the recipe. The smell of it would be satisfying while you have the ice cream at home.

Milkmaid -1 tin

Whipping cream- 450ml

Milk- 450ml

Vanilla essence- 1tsp


Beat 450ml of whipping cream in a separate bowl till peaks form. In another bowl pour milkmaid, milk, vanilla essence and mix them. Fold in the beaten whipping cream well in the mixture. Pour them in a tub, close and keep in the refrigerator. After 1 hour take the tub off from the refrigerator and give the mixture a stir. Close again and keep the in the refrigerator till the ice cream sets. After the ice cream is frozen. Put scoops of it in chocolate cups and enjoy!

Note: Before beating the whipping cream, the beater and the bowl should be free from drops of water. This would help the cream to form peaks without any difficulty.

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