5 Things which attract a reader to a book

Often we have found people declare their boredom for reading. But the reason for it might be that you have not found your right book yet. Reading is said to be the only escape from the reality. If you are caged inside a room full of problems and boredom the only therapy for yourself would be books. But what helps you to find the book which would change your mood in an instant? Which book is that would enhance your knowledge and change the flavour of your thoughts? Which book is that would make reading your friend and would never make you leave it? Today we are here to help you choose a book which would change the notion of reading as a bore and help you enter to the heaven of books. Scroll down to find out the points which would help you choose the right book and turn you into a book nerd.

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  1. Genre

The most important thing while choosing a book to read is the genre of your book. As the world of book is filled with classics, young adults, fantasy, mystery/thrillers and new adults, it would be a great struggle to choose one of them. Finding the teens come out with loads and loads of books in social media, it is a pleasure to find the growth of readers in the world. Young Adult books and Classic books are two genres which is much admired by the readers in the present. But, it is up to you to find out your interest and choose the correct book which you need.

2. Plot

A well planned plot could do wonders to a book. A story without a wonderful storyline will always be messed up and would be sure to lose the attention of the readers. Well planned characters, twists and turns of a story should also be considered. A story should contain useful information and the readers should have a reason to stick to the book till the end. It would be suitable for the readers to check out the reviews of bloggers on a book before you choose to read it.

3. Description

A description in the book is another point to consider while choosing a book. Meaningful words with great thoughts in a book will not only turn the readers more interesting towards the story but also would be a help for their growth of knowledge. The readers could read some quotes and read a preview of the book before purchasing them.

4. Title

The title says it all! As a person is recognized by its name, a book is identified by its title. A well named book brings good promises of the stories you are going to read. While the Classics would have a vintage styled title, the Mystery novels would have the titles which suit them. Choose a book which has a promising and an interesting title.

5. Book cover/Blurb

Never judge a book by its cover. The verse is famous from ages. So by not getting deceived on finding a beautiful cover you would also have to check out the blurb of the book which you are going to purchase. A blurb is a paragraph where the author gives you a short glimpse of his/her story and it is given in the back cover of the book. So the book cover and a blurb both are another thing which attracts you to a book.

Hope you found this post useful. Bookish Refreshment would be publishing another post soon…

4 thoughts on “5 Things which attract a reader to a book

  1. The book cover and the blurb are definitely the selling points for me, personally. I love going into novels blind, so usually, I’ll read the blurb to see if it’s something that will hook me. But I am one of those judge a book by its cover people, too. 😣

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