Delicious Submarine Buns

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Submarine is one of the sandwiches that is highly on demand among by every one we know. Being a submarine admirer it’s too hard for the people not to grab one from a nearby restaurant even after realizing the fact that junk foods aren’t healthy. Especially the children out there gets deeply affected by it. But the kind Moms reading the posts could find a solution for it in our blog. You can make it by yourself at home in a more healthy way!

The method of making the bun is given below, if you would like to find out the recipe of the chicken stuffing used in this bun, comment down below. Hope you would enjoy reading. Press the like button if you did and share it with your friends. Click the follow button on the side of the page to be updated with our posts.


Flour 750g

Eggs 3


Sugar 75g (For the yeast)

Margarine 90g


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In a bowl add flour, eggs, salt, margarine and knead well. Mix yeast and 75g of sugar in water. Close the yeast solution and leave it to rise. After the yeast is risen add it to the flour mixture and knead well. When the dough is formed to a ball, divide the dough into six balls for six submarine buns.

Sprinkle flour in a baking tray and place the six dough balls. Close it from a cloth and let them turn double in size. After the balls turns double in size, flip the dough ball to the other side, flatten the dough, roll and press as shown below in the picture.

After forming the shape, gently roll the dough up and down in the floorboard three times. Close the dough from a cloth again and let them turn double in size. After the dough turns double in size cut slits on the dough, egg wash the buns and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Heat the oven for 10mins to 240 degree C and bake the submarine buns for 10-12mins. For the small oven, heat the oven for 175 degree C and bake for 12mins. Time varied for different ovens.

Submarine Buns Are Ready!!

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