2020 WRAPUP!!

2020 was to be a great year which sparkled hopes between everyone before it started. A new number kindled hope between us but due to the sudden pandemic people found themselves wrong. There were days which were too awful and there were also days where certain people found their own passion or niche in life. Bookish Refreshment went live on 2020. Attaining Anderson Hall was published on 2020 and yes, our own YouTube Channel named Flavoursome went live on this year. We all had terrible days and also days in which we found ourselves.

And as 2020 comes to an end we would like to post our favourite book reviews, food recipes and fruit arts. For any collaboration, food/book review requests visit our contact page. Wishing an Advanced Happy New Year hope you will enjoy the post. Like and share if you did. If you had any favourite posts on Bookish Refreshment comment down below. Press the like button to be updated with our post. Without further delay scroll down to find our 2020 WRAPUP!!


Bookish Refreshment has published many reviews on Classics, Mystery and Young Adults. Today we would post some of our favourite/highly recommended books among them. The links would be given below so the readers could find our reviews of the books by clicking them.

Jane Eyre: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-jane-eyre

Pride and Prejudice: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-pride-and-prejudice

Edenbrooke: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-edenbrooke

Rebecca: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-rebecca

Wuthering Heights: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-wuthering-heights

The Silent Patient: https://www.bokishrefreshment.com/review-on-the-silent-patient

The Cuckoo’s Calling: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/review-of-the-cuckoos-calling

Great Foods on Bookish Refreshment!!

Bookish Refreshment would like to thank for the great comments on the food posts which we have published throughout this year. You could find great food of videos in our YouTube channel named FLAVOURSOME. The logo of out YouTube channel and the link would be given below. Click on the links of our most favourite recipes in our blogs to try them out.

Vanilla Ice cream: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/vanilla-ice-cream-recipe

Chocolate Cups: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/chocolate-cups

Fruit Trifle: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/fruit-trifle

Layered Jelly Pudding https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/easy-layered-jelly-pudding

Fondant Icing: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/easy-fondant-icing

Chocolate Punch Cake: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/chocolate-punch-cake

Mirror Glaze Cake https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/mirror-glaze-cake


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Link to our YouTube Channel FLAVOURSOME: https://youtube.com/channel/UCtFrhVrKxbYf16aW5xT-7Jw

Fruit Art by Bookish Refreshment!!

We have already posted two Fruit Arts in our blog and with a promise of more fruit arts in 2021, we hope that you would enjoy the fruit arts posted so far.

Watermelon Fruit Art: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/fruit-art-2

Orange Fruit Art: https://www.bookishrefreshment.com/fruit-art

Attaining Anderson Hall

Betrayed by over-trusting and losing the only reminder of her parents, Clara turns grief stricken. Will Clara ever be able to trust again? Will she ever Attain Anderson Hall?

The eBook of Attaining Anderson Hall is live on Kindle now! Link is given below. The paperback of the book would follow soon. For more information visit the Attaining Anderson Hall page.

Link for the Attaining Anderson Hall eBook in Kindle: https://a.co/6PPVsqH

Bookish Refreshment would be back with anther post soon!

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