Review on Go Set a Watchman

Prejudice, a dirty word and faith, a clean one, have something in common: they both begin where reason ends

Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee

Novel: Go Set a Watchman

Published in: 2015

Genre: Fiction, Classic

Author: Harper Lee


Jeanne Louise Finch, a girl of twenty six years of age reaches to her hometown, Maycomb, Alabama from New York to spend time with her father Atticus Finch who was a lawyer and had helped a black man from his occupation. Jeanne Finch was welcomed in the station by Henry Clinton who worked for Atticus. Memories of childhood fills Jeanne’s heart in Maycomb as both her brother and mother were not alive. Atticus Finch now lives with his sister Alexandra. Jeanne’s and Alexandra’s ideas do not usually clash well. One day Jeanne follows her father and Henry Clinton to the council meeting where she finds Atticus Finch with a man who delivers a racist speech. Jeanne gets deeply upset and shouts at Henry Clinton. After meeting Calpurnia, a black maid who was like a mother to her, rage envelopes Jeanne on finding the injustice on them. Ignoring her Uncle Doctor Jeremy Finch’s advice, Jeanne argues with her father and decides to leave her hometown Maycomb. What would stop her from leaving her hometown. Read the story to find it out.



Go Set a Watchman which is considered as the sequel of To Kill a Mocking Bird is disparate from Harper Lee’s first novel. Though the characters were similar, their perspective had altered. The character of Atticus who had been much admired by the readers of To Kill a Mocking Bird and who helped a black man as a lawyer in the novel, reveals the other shade of his opinion about the black community to the readers. Jeanne Louise Finch starts to see her family and hometown Maycomb, Albama in a different perspective.


The alteration in the character of Atticus Finch was unexpected and some of the readers would not agree to the change. But, the firm hold of justice which Jeanne Finch takes would be appreciated. Despite her respect to her father Atticus Finch, Jeanne would speak up to her Atticus against his wrong doings. Being a Scout did not make her hesitate from speaking the truth and meeting her black maid who once served for her family. The flashbacks of Jeanne Louis with her brother would be much admired. The story teaches the readers to stand up for the justice and be firm on your decision.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Go Set a Watchman

About the author:

Harper Lee (1926-2016) was an American novelist who is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning bestselling book To Kill a Mocking Bird. She had an interest in English Literature and was an individualist. The author was the editor of Rammer Jammer and also worked as a ticket agent in her early life. Harper Lee was awarded the presidential medal of freedom and received many honorary degrees. Her novel To Kill a Mocking Bird was published in 1960 and was instantly successful. Go set a watchman was published as the sequel of To Kill a Mocking Bird although it was written first.

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