Review on The Outsiders

Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset

The Outsiders, S.E.Hinton

Novel: The Outsiders

Published in: 1967

Genre: Fiction

Author: S.E.Hinton


Ponyboy Curtis, a Greaser (Poor boys who lives in the East side are called Greasers) gets jumped up by Socs (Rich boys who lives in the West side) on the return from a movie while musing about his brothers Sodapop (who cares about Ponyboy) and Darry (who Ponyboy believes that he does not care for him) Finding the Socs trying to bully him, Ponyboy cries out for assistance. Before it becomes too late Darry, Sodapop and the friends in their gang comes out to the rescue of their dear Ponyboy. The boys in the gang includes Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Dally, Johnny, Two-bit and Steve. After the rescue, Dally invites the boys to a movie, next day. While the others refuse, Ponyboy and Johnny accepts the invitation. At the movie they meet with two Socs girls called Cherry and Marcia. Ponyboy gets into conversation with Cherry whom he believes not so rude as the other members in the Socs. He shares his cruel experience with the Socs and Johnny’s reason behind carrying a knife with him. When the movie comes to an end the boys and the girls leaves the place with two-bits who later shows up in the movie. On their way home, they meet up with a group of Socs and to prevent both the gang from a chaos, Cherry and Marcia join the Socs and leaves the place. On the late return of Ponyboy, Darry slaps him and he along with Johnny runs away from the house. Suddenly, Ponyboy changes his mind and thinks of returning home but, a boy named Bob who is a Soc gets into a quarrel with the boys. Bob tries to drown Ponyboy in the fountain but, Johnny saves him by killing the Soc. On finding the situation worse, Ponyboy and Johnny meets Dally who gives money and essentials to them and orders them to move to a place where no one could find them. After spending five days in the place where their friend named them, Dally himself meets them there. Ponyboy changes his mind and decides to return home. On their way, they find a church on fire and Ponyboy decides to assist the children in it, out. Johnny helps him. After managing to rescue the children, Johnny gets trapped in the fire. Dally takes Ponyboy and Johnny to the hospital immediately where Ponyboy gains his conscious and is well. Ponyboy also gets aware of Darry’s affection on him. But Johnny’s situation grows worse and he dies but, not before finding his name along with Ponyboy and Dally’s as heroes on rescuing the children in the church.



After searching for classics on Google, we bumped into this amazing novel called The Outsiders. The novel would recall your memories of The Selection series as it contains one similarity. Both the story reveals the differences of the status of certain groups in the community or society. In The Outsiders the community is divided to two groups named The Socs and The Greasers. While the Socs community is regarded as worthy in the community, the greasers community is to be considered as worthless by the Socs. The story bears a great and a different plot which will awe the readers when they get aware of the author’s age while she wrote the novel. Scroll down and read About The Author for further details. The story shows you the struggles Greasers face from the Socs and how they overcome them. The Outsiders starts while the narrator Ponyboy writes about the happenings in his life and the book ends as his story comes to the climax.


The story would let you relish the hidden compassion of Ponyboy and his siblings and also the affection between the narrator and his friends. The story introduces the readers to a group of boys from the Greasers where Ponyboy and Johnny changes the fate of their group by their bravery and compassion. The book also teaches you that whatever the status of two groups are both the communities belong to the same world. The character of Cherry assures that among a group of rude people, a compassionate and benign being is sure to be present.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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The Outsiders

About the author:

S.E.Hinton (Susan Eloise Hinton) is a popular writer for the Young Adult Fiction. Her first debut novel The Outsiders was published in 1967 and was a great successful. The author gained fame by this novel and the book was greatly admired by the readers. S.E.Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel and the book was published when she was eighteen. Another famous book of the author named That Was Then, This Is Now was published in 1971. Her book Outsiders, Rumble and That Was Then, This Is Now was adapted into movies. S.E.Hinton was the first person to receive YASD/SLJ Author Achievement Award.

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