Chocolate and Condensed Milk Pudding

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Puddings are the saviors on hot days but they could not be neglected on the other days as well. We all have tasted puddings in various flavours and different forms. This chocolate and condensed milk pudding is a dessert which would leave you craving for it once you have finished a glass. The pieces of chocolate included in the pudding will force you to try it again. Not only the bottom layer would attract you to the pudding, the upper layer with the smell of the banana essence would make you beat your friends from finishing them. The pudding could be served in a tray and cut cubes out of them but the most attractive way of serving it is in a tilted or slanted form in a glass. The method is mentioned below.

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For the Chocolate pudding:

Hot water- 100ml

Gelatine- 4tbsp

Condensed milk– 1 small tin

Cooking chocolate 200g (Double boiled)

Water 300ml

Pieces of chocolate

For the condensed milk pudding:

Hot water- 100ml

Gelatine- 4tbsp

Condensed milk– 1 small tin

Water- 300ml

Banana essence- 1/2tsp

Pieces of chocolate (For Garnishing)


Step 1

Dissolve gelatine in hot water. Strain to get rid of undissolved gelatine pieces.

Step 2

In a separate bowl pour 1 small tin of condensed milk, 200g of double boiled cooking chocolate, 300ml of water and mix them well. Add the strained gelatine and give it a good stir.

Step 3

Tilt or slant the glasses to aside using the support of a bowl or a baking tray (picture given below). Put pieces of chocolate in the bottom and pour the chocolate mixture in the glasses. Keep the chocolate pudding in the refrigerator to set.

Step 4

In a bowl and mix 4 tbsps of gelatine with 100ml of hot water for the next layer. Starin the gelatine to get rid of undissolved pieces.

Step 5

In a separate bowl pour condensed milk, water 300ml, banana essence, strained gelatine and mix them well.

Step 6

Take out the set chocolate pudding and pour the condensed milk mixture on top. Refrigerate for the condensed milk pudding to set.

Step 7

After the pudding is set, sprinkle pieces of chocolate on top and enjoy!

Chocolate and Condensed Milk Pudding is live in our Youtube Channel, Flavoursome. Link mentioned below, Check it out.


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