Attaining Anderson Hall

I do not trust words as they are the most venomous process to lug a person into deception

Attaining Anderson Hall, J.S.F.M.Quraish

Novel: Attaining Anderson Hall

Published in: 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: J.S.F.M.Quraish


Betrayed by over trusting and losing the only reminder of her parents, Clara turns grief-stricken. Will she ever be able to trust again? Will she ever Attain Anderson Hall?


Clara Anderson who lost her parents on a young age lives with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins in Anderson Hall. While Aunt Hannah despises Clara for claiming Anderson Hall according to her father’s will, Clara respects her Aunt as she is the only sibling of her beloved father. Though Aunt Hannah loathes her, Clara’s cousins Zara, Edward as well as her Uncle Harold protects her as a treasure. As Clara turns eighteen she finds out that she does not only own Anderson Hall but also a building in London which her Father thought of surprising her on the day of the accident. Zara and Colin (Clara’s tenant and friend) warns Clara not to reveal this to anyone considering Aunt Hannah’s deportment. Clara, after great difficulties agrees with them. The next day Clara visits the modiste with Zara and Colin where she finds Emma and Harry Stanton (Clara’s maternal cousins who lives in London). Clara being delighted to meet Emma, sulks on finding Harry. After gathering all the belongings, Clara meets up with an accident from which she gets rescued by Colin. When Emma and Harry comes to visit her in Anderson Hall, Emma witnessing the chaos of Aunt Hannah turns distressed. Emma believes the accident as a planned attempt by Aunt Hannah and speaks of it to Clara with Harry by her side. Clara disagrees with Emma but after finding a shadow behind a tree, eavesdropping their conversation, becomes alert. The next day, Clara tries to speak to Harry about the endeavors but gets too late on stopping her cousin from returning to London. But little did Clara knew what painful revelations were awaiting her in Anderson Hall. Read the story to find out how Clara’s life turns upside down after returning back. How does she starts loathing the word TRUST? Link given at the end of the post.


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