Mixed Fruit Juice

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What could we do with the leftover fruits at home?

Cutting them off and having a mouthful of it is the easiest option. But the most suitable and yummiest way to have them is turning them into a glassful of healthy juice! Why not grab the chance of having a refreshing beverage when you have the chance to? And a mixed fruit juice on a hot summer day would do the magic for all of us! The delectable ingredients in the recipe such as milk, whipping cream and condensed milk would not let you down. The ingredients used in the recipe are easy to find then why should we have second thoughts on trying it? Grab a pen and paper and write the instructions down.

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Strawberries- 10

Black grapes- 10

Green grapes- 20

Guava- 1 (without seeds)


Mango- 1/2

Papaya- 10 pieces


Condensed milk– 1 small tin

Sugar (as your need)

Whipping cream- 150ml

Water- 750ml


Step 1

Cut all the fruits mentioned above into pieces. (Excluding the black and green grapes)

Step 2

Put all the fruits in a blender. Pour milk, condensed milk and blend them well.

Step 3

Pour 750ml of water to the blended juice and blend it again.

Step 4

Pour the mixed fruit juice in the glasses and serve cool!

Mixed Fruit Juice is live in our Youtube Channel Flavoursome. Link mentioned below. Check it out.


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