Review on Zippy The Little Rescuer

Book: Zippy The Little Rescuer

Published in: 2020

Author: Ira Alice

Summary in the book:

The trouble came to Zippy’s family- his younger sister got sick. The little hare learned from his mother that the medicine could only be taken from people. But what to do if hares are considered to be cowards? How to help a little hare? But Zippy decided to make a courageous step- to save his sister at all costs. Overcoming obstacles, the hare has not only proven that he can be brave, but also showed true love for his closest ones.


As the kid nowadays are busy on watching television and surfing through internet for games and videos, they have stopped spending their time on something worthy. As we find some of the teens in Instagram with a major interest in books, we also find some of the kids reduced interest in them. You can change the situation. You could help your children, nephew or nieces by gifting books on their birthday and make them read it at least for few minutes. You could also read it to them in a leisurely tone! Why not start with Zippy The Little Rescuer? It could be the book that your child was searching for! We would like to thank the Author Ira Alice on sending over the copy to Bookish Refreshment.

With good morals, advices and attractive pictures of the story, Zippy The Little Rescuer by Ira Alice would be great for your kids knowledge. The story is about a coward hare who tries to help his dying sister. The hare experiences new things and finds new information on the way to its destination. It would teach your kid to overcome cowardice and to be brave. It would teach your kid the importance of saving animals and the fear they feel on finding humans. Zippy would show your kid how to risk ones own life for the sake of your sibling or parents.

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