Easy Falooda Recipe

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We are back with another Indian recipe! Falooda is such a drink which its mere name stirs impatience around the people. The drink is famous all over the world and is know in various forms as Rabri Falooda, Kesar Falooda, Kulfi Falooda and so on. The recipe of the Falooda we have mentioned today is super easy. For a change we have added coloured ice cubes using sherbert. The method is mentioned down below. As its Ramdan period and both summer time, we would recommend you to try this out.

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Any other method of coloured Ice Cubes?

If you find the method mentioned below consuming your time, we have another simple way of making coloured ice cubes which we believe that most of the readers are aware of. Taking three cups of water add food colourings to each. Three types of food colouring would be more suitable. Pour them in an ice cube container and refrigerate. Though this is an easy way of making coloured ice cubes we would recommend you the one we had posted below as it would add flavours to your ice cubes.

Other ingredients which would make the Falooda taste better

If you want to make your Falooda taste better, we can mention some ingredients which would highlight the drink. Falooda Noodles/Sev is an ingredient as such. They are made by corn flour and are super light. You could make it yourself at home if you cannot find it out on any store. If you want the recipe in the blog, mention in the comments down below. Up next is the flavoursome jelly! Jelly, especially the strawberry ones would be a treat for the Falooda, if you prefer any other flavours you could include them. Three kinds of jellies would also be a great option.


Coloured Ice cubes- in 3 colours (Method mentioned at the end of the post)

Rose syrup-200ml

Ice cream- 6 scoops

Kasa Kasa (soaked in water)- 4tbsp

Milk-2 litre


For the coloured ice cubes:

Step 1

Mix Milkmaid, water and almond essence in a jug. pour it in an ice cube container and refrigerate.

Step 2

Mix Milkmaid, water and green food colouring in a jug. Pour it in an ice cube container and refrigerate.

Step 3

Mix water and rose syrup in a jug for the third colouring. Pour it in an ice cube container and refrigerate.

For the Falooda:

Step 1

Pour milk, rose syrup and add 6 scoops of ice cream to a blender. Blend well.

Step 2

Take a glass, put the coloured ice cubes, kasa kasa and pour the blended Falooda. Add scoops of vanilla ice cream in each glasses and drizzle more soaked kasa kasa on top.

Falooda is ready to serve!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel, link given below.


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