Review on City Of Bones

The funny thing about mundies is how obsessed with magic they are for a bunch of people who don’t even know what the word means

The City Of Bones, Cassandra Clare

Novel: City Of Bones

Published in: 2007

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Cassandra Clare


Clary Fray is a young lady who lives with her mother and lost her father even before she was born. When the young lady once visited the club, witnessed a beautiful girl and a blue haired boy followed by two other boys which her friend Simon, who accompanied her could not spot when Clary stated it to him. Clary Fray, finding something suspicious follows the group of boys and eavesdrop them hiding behind a pillar. On finding the other two boys attempting to kill the blue haired boy, she steps out of her hiding place and orders them to stop. When the two boys named Jace and Alec gets into an argument with Clary, the blue hared boy attacks Jace and the place turns out into a battlefield. Finally the blue haired boy vanishes and Simon enters the room to find no one except Clary. The Young lady was confused as Jace, Alec and the beautiful girl were visible to her. Clary returns home and questions Luke (Her mother’s friend) about finding something nobody else could see. The information hesitates Luke. When Clary’s mother, Jocelyn arrives and informs that they were about to go on a vacation, Clary gets upset because she had other plans. Clary leaves with Simon to Mexican joint with an upset mind. There, she pours out her confusion of not knowing her grandparents. Clary gets a call from her Mom, apologizing on trying to sprang the vacation plan on her. Simon and Clary leaves to a show after the call from her Mom where Clary spots Jace again and to her astonishment Simon was unable to see him. She follows Jace and finds him where Jace declares that he is a shadowhunter and explains about it. Suddenly, Clary receives a call from her Mom again who was all in panic and warning not to return home. Grab a copy of The City Of Bones to know the rollercoaster ride of Clary’s life which is about to commence.



City of Bones is the first book in the Mortal Instrument series. The book is a package of surprises and contains interesting disclose of secrets which would stun the readers. The honesty and loyalty of friendship is clearly visible in this fantasy novel. The reader’s would not forget to appreciate the writer’s creativity or talent of forming shadowhunters, warlocks and demons in this book. The experience with them would be worthy to the readers while reading the novel. If you are an young adult and would want a break from your normal life and get into world of fantasies, this book would take you out for different experiences which you had never experienced.


The story is shaped with interesting characters and meaningful quotes which would help you kill your boredom. Clary Fray, Jace, Simon and Isabelle would be some of the characters who would make your journey of reading interesting. There are some disappointments in the story but they can be disregarded as the novel is well written. The story would teach you that everything is not as it seems to be. If you are searching for a Fantasy novel to cure your boredom, you could pick this up.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the author:

Judith Rumelt who is well known by her pen name Cassandra Clare is an American Young Adult Author. Cassandra Clare’s parents were also known to be as writers. The author was famous for her debut novel, The Mortal Instrument series. Cassandra Clare started her career as a reporter and started her writing career in 2004 with City Of Bones which is a New York’s Best Seller book and won many awards. The City Of Bones is the first book from the Mortal Instrument Series. The Series has also been adapted into movies.

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