Arabic Hareesa

Arabic Haress/Hareesa is a popular dish in Arabia which is specially made in Ramadan. The dish contains a mixture of wheat and meat which presents a special flavour to the dish. It is nearly similar to a wheat porridge which we have posted in our Youtube channel but the consistency of Hareesa is a little thicker than a porridge. The Hareesa can be garnished by sautéed onions or butter which instantly lifts the presence of the dish. if not in Ramadan you could also enjoy the dish for a breakfast or dinner. This Arabic Hareesa would be sure to make your meal special. Scroll down to find the recipe of it.

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Why use a tea infuser in the process of making Hareesa?

If something is unique in the process of making the Hareesa, it is the tea infuser. The tea infuser in the process to protect the spices from dropping off into the vessel/Hareesa. We just need the aroma of the cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom and cloves here and as the Hareesa would be crushed at the end of its making, it’s better to get rid of the spices and the easy way for it is putting the spices in the tea infuser. If you do not have a tea infuser be sure that you have taken all the pieces of spices away before you crush the Hareesa at the end of its making.

Any other things to consider in the recipe?

Yes, there are! The prime ingredient of the delicious Hareesa is wheat. If you have wished to make Hareesa the other day be sure to soak the wheat in water and keep it overnight. The wheat would be ready to use, the next day.

The next thing to consider about is meat. As wheat is the main ingredient of the recipe, meat is more important for the Hareesa too. If you wonder what meat have we used in the recipe, we have used beef here. But, that depends on your wish/taste. If you do not consume beef, mutton or chicken would also be a better option to double the taste of Arabic Hareesa.





Small onions

Cumin seeds-1tsp





Wheat (Soaked in water for a day)-500g



In a tea infuser put cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom and cloves. Pour 2 litres of water to a pressure cooker, add 500g of meat and put the closed tea infuser in which the spices are) into the pressure cooker. Add small onion, salt and close the cooker and let them boil. Open after seven whistles.


After seven whistles, open the pressure cooker take the infuser from it and throw the spices away. Take away the meat from the cooker and take out the bones from it.


In the meat boiled water, add the soaked wheat. Close and let boil in the pressure cooker without any whistle. (Be sure to stir it with a spoon time to time till it gets boiled)


After the water gets low or dries off, transfer the Hareesa to a vessel and crush the meat and wheat in it well.


To sauté, add 1tbsp of butter to a heated pan and add 8 small onions. pour the sautéed on the Hareesa and serve hot!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel, link given below:


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