5 useful podcasts to cure your boredom

While we find more Children, Young Adults as well as Adults interested in books these days , we also find them more fascinated and engrossed in podcasts. Just as the books which are captivating the youngsters, the podcasts too are busy on making their own position in their hearts and would be soon on track. One of the best trending podcasts in the internet are self help and motivation as Young Adults are hunting a moment or a platform where they could seek motivation from professional trainers or their favourite bloggers/youtubers. Podcasts do not consume your time as well.

When you are in the car on the way to work, enjoying a walk in the morning, busy cooking in the kitchen or merely bored at home, podcast could be a friend at any moment of a day. What you have to do is to swipe the screen of your phone, choose a useful podcast and play it while driving, breathing in fresh air, cutting vegetables or resting on a chair. Are you new to podcasts or are you wondering of any useful podcasts which would not waste your time? We will help you out. Down, below are 5 useful podcasts regarding self help, motivation on work and books. Scroll down and find out the links of each podcasts at the end of each posts with the logo of each useful podcasts.

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Good Vibes Good Life Podcast

To all the youngsters who are seeking for self-help, motivation and personal development we would highly recommend Good Vibes Good Life podcast. The podcast is hosted by the author Vex King and would feature life lessons, inspirational stories and practical lessons. Just as the book guides the readers to a positive lifestyle habit, the podcasts too would be sure to ease the listeners from countless problems.

While so many interesting episodes are lined up in the podcast which the listeners would be confusing to choose from, we would help you out with the ones which interested us.

  1. Healing is the new high 2. How to switch to positive thinking 3. Live life at your own pace 4. How to believe in yourself 5. Do it anyway and inspire them with your story

The podcast can be found in Apple, Listen Notes, Radio UK and Spotify. Click the link mentioned down below and open the path of turning your life into something greater.

Good Vibes, Good Life (podcast) - Vex King | Listen Notes

Link: Good Vibes Good Life

Unkut Kritika

Unkut Kritika which is hosted by the fashion blogger and youtuber Kritika Khurana would be the one you are searching for. The podcast which is about self love and career is successfully in its second season. This podcast is for the ones who are in search of self motivation in their life and career. The host Kritika Khurana would be a great friend and a very good adviser, giving you tips to get out from your self doubts, overthinking and procrastination relating her personal experiences. The podcast is in both English and Hindi languages. The episodes time span begins from 7 minutes to 20minutes. But, be sure this roller coaster ride would be super useful and engrossing as well.

With many worthwhile episodes to listen to, here are some episodes which would force you return to the podcast.

  1. 10 things I learnt in 2020. 2. Five ways to be productive. 3. Letter to my 12 year old self. 4. Real talk with Dad. 5. Failure and what I learned.

Unkut Kritika could be found on Apple, Spotify, Listen Notes, Radio Public and Google podcasts. Click the link which we have mentioned below and fasten the seatbelts for a wonderful experience.

Link: Unkut Kritika

Daily Boost

Daily Boost is a daily coaching and motivation podcast which air episodes from Monday to Friday every week. For the young Adults who are hesitating for a long time span, this would be befitting as the maximum amount of time in this podcast is just 10mins. The podcast would help you in productivity, breaking through obstacles, motivation and self help. In short Daily Boost would be simple, interesting and fun.

If you are wondering from which episode to start with, we could help you out. Good Habits Good Life, Don’t be who you are not, Start living your perfect day, creative productivity would be some that we recommend to the readers. And the readers would be sure to be equally engrossed to the other episodes as well.

Daily Boost is available in several platforms. Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podnews, podbean and in other platforms as well. Down, below is the link of the Apple Podcast. Click the link below and find out a way to spend your time useful everyday with Daily Boost.

Link: Daily Boost

Books and Beyond with Bound

Books and Beyond with Bound is hosted by both Tara and Michelle. Our interest to podcast increased after listening to them. Books and Beyond with Bound is all about best writers in India. Their experiences in writing their debut novels, how they faced rejections and their routines would be a great guidance to debut writers. The podcast will not only be useful for the writers, but also the readers as well. Tara and Michelle’s interesting questions towards the authors would hold you captive to the podcast.

When Books and Beyond with Bound approached us for a review of their podcast we started with their first episode in Season 1, History is a living thing by Manu Pillai. And now as they are successfully running their second season, they still have the charm of getting their listeners back. Here are some episodes which interested us.

  1. History is a living thing 2. What it takes to create literary bestseller 3. Why we read what we read

Down below is the link of the Instagram post in which we have reviewed the podcast. Click the link to read it out. Books and Beyond with Bound is available in Apple, Listen Notes and Spotify. Link for the podcast is mentioned below.

Link: Review of Books and Beyond with Bound by Bookish Refreshment

Link: Books and Beyond with Bound

Novel Pairings

The podcast Novel pairings is again for the readers out there. And as Classic novels have caught special places in young readers hearts, it would be fun listening to this podcast. The two hosts discuss about Classic Lit novels where they would not get too academic. If you are a reader and has not find Classic books adorable yet, Novel pairings would help you out as they would discuss many classic books to the modern readers and discuss about the books they loved and the books they loathed.

Mentioned below are some of the episodes which the Classic readers would love to start with:

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen part 1 and 2
  2. Pride and Prejudice retellings, sequels and pastiche
  3. 5 tips for reading Pride and Prejudice (or any Austen Novel)
  4. Book recommendations for fans of Little Women

The podcast is available in Apple, Spotify, Listen Notes and Podtail. The link for Novel pairings is available mentioned below.

Link: Novel Pairings

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