Delicious Butter Cookies For Eid

The cookies of Denmark which are referred as Butter Cookies or Danish Cookies are the best dish for a celebration. And as Eid is two or three days ahead and you are in loss of recipes for sweets or dishes, these delicious cookies would be the savior of your day. The easy to make delectable baked cookies could be piped in different designs and tastes. The cookies could be topped with sugar, jam or chocolate syrup to make the festival more special. And in the end be sure that this recipe would certainly taste as the ones you receive in tins at shops.

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Which Nozzle To Use For The Cookies?

You can use your desired pattern for the cookies using a piping bag but if you are wondering the Nozzles we haves used here, the number of the nozzles are mentioned below:

Nozzle No: 1M for the flower shaped cookie. Nozzle No: 481 for the square shaped cookie. Nozzle no:12 for the circle shaped cookies and the heart shaped cookies. You can also sprinkle sugar and jam on top for more flavoursome cookies

Is Egg Necessary For The Recipe?

Egg either in cakes, dessert or cookies gives a special taste for the dish. If you are not an egg person or is a vegetarian, you could skip the egg out from the ingredient list. The taste of the cookie would be faintly different but you would be sure to bake the cookies again after tasting them once.


Egg- 1/2

Corn flour- 4 1/2tsp

Icing sugar- 60g

Vanilla essence- 1/2tbsp

Butter- 115g

Flour- 130g

Whipping cream/Milk- 1/2tbsp



Add butter, icing sugar, half an egg to a bowl and beat well.


Pour 1/2tbsp of vanilla essence, 1/2tbsp of whipping cream and fold well. Sieve flour and corn flour together and fold them as well.


Put in the folded mixture in a piping bag and pipe out the designs that you like. The nozzle numbers used in this recipe are mentioned above.

Step 4

It’s time to bake the cookies! For the big oven, heat it for 10mins in 200 degree C and bake for 8 to 10mins. Time varies for different ovens. Take the cookies out if they turn golden brown.

Find out the video in our Youtube channel. Link mentioned below:


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