Review on Hippie

We don’t choose the things that happen to us, but we can choose how we react to them

Hippie, Paulo Coelho

Novel: Hippie

Published in: 2018

Genre: Biographical Fiction

Author: Paulo Coelho


Paulo, a young skinny Brazilian who wanted to become a writer starts his journey in search of freedom and deeper meaning in life by the Death train where he gets arrested and tortured. Proving himself innocent, Paulo frees himself and decides to set off to Amsterdam. On reaching Amsterdam he finds a Hippie girl named Karla who was in search of a company to travel in the Magic Bus. Finding Paulo the best person to accompany her, Karla asks him to help her in the journey of the magic bus which travels from Amsterdam to Istanbul and across Central Asia to Kathmandu. When the Magic Bus stops at Istanbul, Paulo believes that he has a lot to learn in the city. Would he find what he wants?


The story Hippie contains the personal experiences of the author Paulo Coelho but as mentioned by the author himself in the beginning of the book the characters and places are altered in some areas of the novel. This Fiction Biographical novel Hippie by Paulo Coelho contains thriller, mystery and actions which would interest the readers. The story starts when the writer choses to be a Hippie. The novel would reveal the author’s journey in Magic Bus and and the experiences he gets by meeting new people. The story is of how Paulo a young skinny Brazilian overcomes his problems in his journey from Death train through Magic Bus to Istanbul. The reader’s could get a brief account of a Hippie’s life through this novel.

The interesting characters in the book are Paulo, Jacques and Marie who were the travelers in the Magic Bus. Jacques being the single parent of Marie would have an emotional story to present to the readers. The few chapters would show the struggles and thoughts of a single parent. The Author Paulo Coelho’s idea of writing the story of the other fellow traveler’s was appreciable. Overall the book Hippie would be a good read to get a knowledge of the author’s past life.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About The Author:

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist and lyricist. The author has written many famous book and is well known for The Alchemist which was published in 1988. It was his second published book and the first book published by the Author was The Pilgrimage on 1987. Paulo Coelho was admitted in the mental asylum by his parents when he was a teenager. Then he was enrolled in a law school which he dropped out and became a Hippie. The Author was a journalist, actor, lyricist and a theatre director before he become a writer. The book Hippie is a Biographical fiction of his story and was published in 2018.

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