Soft Chocolate Muffins

Who doesn’t have chocolates on top of their list of favourite ingredients while baking? And when you are up to bake a soft, delicious muffin for the first time at home, chocolate flavour would be the best to try out. As the crunchy chocolate chips in the muffins impress your friends around you, no one would be able to find out that it was your fist try at them. Muffins do sound classy and hard to prepare but do not judge the book by its cover, the simplest thing that you could have made at home could be these soft, delicious chocolate muffins. Try it out and please let us know your experiences in the comments down below. Without any further delay, scroll down and write down the recipe of the yummy muffins.

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Any ingredients to replace chocolate chips?

Chocolate chips are used not only to increase the taste of the muffins but also to add beauty to them. Just as you can see the pictures in the post, the tiny chocolate chips do add a touch of vision to the muffins. But, if you are unable to find chocolate chips on store, cooking chocolates could be added to the muffins which would give you the exact taste of the chocolate chips. The cooking chocolate should be cut into fine pieces before using them.

Special Tip of the day!

When you bake a cake or a muffin, an important step to complete is to sieve the flour that you use. Have anyone of us wonder why do we sieve the flour instead of directly adding them to the cake batter? We sieve flour to avoid any lumps or dirt. But the reason is not only the latter. A flour is sieved to make the cake softer. And sieving the flour once would not be sufficient. A flour should be sieved three times before using it in the batter so the texture of the cake would be softer after baking.



Baking powder-4tsp

Baking soda-2tsp


Cocoa powder-100g



Chocolate chips-300g





Beat butter, sugar and eggs together in a bowl. Do not add all the eggs together. Pour three eggs, beat and repeat.

Step 2

Sieve flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda together three times and add it to the beaten eggs. Add them little by little and fold well.

Step 3

Pour milk to the cake batter, fold well and mix 300g of chocolate chips.

Step 4

Pour the batter into small muffin cups and sprinkle chocolate chips and white chocolate chips on top.

Step 5

Foe the big oven: Heat the oven for 10mins and bake the muffins in 180-200 degree C for 20mins. (Time varies for different ovens)

The delicious chocolate muffins are ready!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel. Link mentioned down below:


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