Sri Lankan Wheat Khichdi

If you ever listen to the word Khichdi, a hot and spicy dish forms in your brain as a spicy khichdi is more in fame as a South Asian dish. The wheat khichdi which is prepared in Sri Lanka is not only sweet but also flavoursome as it seems to be in the picture. The khichdi which is mixed with wheat and jaggery would be more suitable for celebrations and would be a star dish among your guests. The wheat khichdi could be served as both cool and hot which makes the dish a delicious dessert as well. Do let us know if you have tried the dish.

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Are sautéed onions necessary for the recipe?

As sautéed onions bring a better taste for the dishes, they are usually used in all the spicy dishes around the world. The difference here is the wheat khichdi is not spicy but sweet and the sautéed onions give a unique taste for the dish. If you do not have an eye for the sautéed onions, you can skip the procedure and go along with the other steps. The khichdi would not disappoint you.

Why is Jaggery used in the Khichdi?

Jaggery being the most famous and admirable ingredient used in Sri Lanka, you can find most of the sweet Sri Lankan dishes prepared using it. Jaggery, being the key ingredient of the dish could not be skipped as it gives an adorable taste and an eye catching colour. Jaggery is used instead of sugar in the recipe and if you include sugar in the dish, you would be sure to end up with a white wheat khichdi which would not be eye catching as the Jaggery Khichdi does.




Wheat-250g (Soaked in water and kept overnight)

Vanilla essence-1tbsp



Coconut milk (1st extract)-100ml


Small onions- 5


Step 1

In a vessel, pour water to the wheat which is soaked and kept overnight. Add three cardamoms, close and let boil in low flame for two hours.

Step 2

After two hours, add jaggery, salt, coconut milk to the khichdi and mix well.

Step 3

Add 1tbsp of ghee to a heated pan and mix with five chopped small onions. Sauté well. Mix the sautéed onions to the khichdi and leave the khichdi to turn thick.

Sri Lankan Wheat Khichdi is ready!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel. Link mentioned down below:


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