How to start reading a book?

“Once you learn to read, you’ll be forever free.”

The above saying from Frederick Douglass explicates the importance of reading. From all the hobbies around us, reading is one of the hobby which does multiple tasks at the same time. It nourishes one’s brain, grow their thinking ability and assists them in growing their ambitions to great heights in the way they would never have thought of. Getting into the habit of reading would be effortless for the ones who love books, but not so easy for some of the people out there. But, once you grab the right book, that’s when your treasure to intelligence and luck open up. If you want to find the right book for you, check out our previous post, 5 things which attract a reader to a book.

Reading is considered as fun among a group of people, and bored by the others. But, if you want to change out the notion and find your luck in reading we are here to help you out. If you have stopped reading at all and want to reread again or start reading books for the first time in your life, you are right here in the correct spot. Down below we have listen down 10 points in which you can add reading as your daily habit without being bored. Hope you would find the post useful. Like, share and comment if you did. Press the follow button on the side of the page to be updated with our posts. Happy reading!

1.Set alarms for reading

If you are procrastinating for reading a book or bored to get out of your bed for the sake of books, force yourself up now. Grab your phone and start with setting alarms for five or ten minutes. That might sound strange but it really works. As five or ten minutes would be a short time for the person who reads. He/ She would not think further or be bored to spend their time on bools for such a short time. If the book which you have started reading interests you further, increase the alarm for few more minutes and continue following the trick to get yourself into the habit of reading daily because as Dr. Seus quotes “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn. The more places you’ll go.”

2. Watch videos of your favourite influencers on books

Some people out there would want to read a book but does not have the interest for it. Then the better way to help you out is develop the interest in you. You might have a favourite youtuber or influencer online and watch their lifestyle everyday. Most of the influencers and youtubers do read books and have a special place for reading in their routine. Start by following them. The followers of influencers and youtubers gradually fall into the habit of the ones whom they follow in the respected platforms. Either about self care, mental health or motivation, the youngsters out there watch their favourite influencers videos and exhibit them. There are many influencers out their recommending their favourite books in social media. Watching their videos and reading such posts repeatedly would kindle an interest on you for reading books. The channel Lavendaire managed by the Youtuber Aileen is one of the channel in Youtube which we would recommend.

3. Don’t force the chapters on you

You may be a debut reader or resuming reading books after some time, the one thing to remember when you start reading is never force books or its chapters on you. The motive of reading will fade away and books would be a burden for you if you did force them on you. Don’t list bigger goals of reading ten or twenty books each month, the plan would scare you. Instead plan of reading 5 to ten chapters each day. The task seems to be easy and you would be finishing satisfying amount of books each month if you did follow it.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Read where you find peace

Don’t start your reading at a busy/noisy place where a television or a group of people would divert your attention from the book which you are reading. Find a peaceful room at home or occupy your garden or backyard where nothing would be able to distract your concentration from your interest of reading.

5. Read books at every breaks

If you are not a reader but is inspired by your friends and want to give it try but also don’t want to risk your leisure time or the time watching videos in the television, you can read books at every intermission. Every work you do or watch has an intermission or break. Always keep your books by your side and read them during the intermission. Even one or two pages in every breaks matter. Once you get into reading you would never have the wish to leave it.

6. Search well before you buy a book

You might have a taste of a certain genre. You might be a YA (Young Adult) reader, Mystery/thriller person, Fantasy reader or a Classic lover. Whatever genre you like, search well about the book which you are going to buy surfing through the internet. The books that you choose by reading the title or blurb of the book might go wrong beyond your expectations so, search for a book blogger, book youtuber or bookstagrammer who would give you a perfect synopsis and review about the book. Check out our previous posts Top 5 book recommendations, 5 Must read Thriller/Mystery Novels and Seven novels every Young Adults must have in their reading list for some book recommendations.

7. Don’t read the books which does not interests you

If you already have a book in mind and have started reading it, that’s great. But, if you find the book does not interest you and is wasting your time while you are just two pages or halfway through it, keep it aside and let go of it. Do not ever force yourself to continue the book which does not interests you. As a wrong book which is not your taste would make you loose your interest on the book which suits you. As first impression is the best impression, think well before choosing your life changing book.

8. Don’t fix times for reading

Do not ever fix times for reading. Reading at the same time of the day would make yourself bored. Just as drinking the same beverage or eating the same food for lunch, breakfast or dinner bores you, doing the same work at the same time of the day may tire you. Read whenever you want to read at any time of the day. Be sure to place books where you spend most of your time as when the desire to reading hits you, you would not squander you time while searching a book or procrastinating.

9. Search for something important

For a person who loves to learn something new or find something important, books are the best option. Fiction/Non fiction every book has a message to declare to the world. It’s an avid reader who can spot out the hidden messages out. Find a book which you believe that you have something to learn in and note down the important facts in it.

10. Read more non fiction books

Half of the population in the world, surf through the internet for self help, mental health and motivational videos for guidance. If you are one of them and is struggling in life for motivation, there are greater books out there in store to assist you. The magical quotes and advices from the great authors would help you to change your lifestyle step by step into a healthy way.

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”


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