Delicious Vermicelli Kunafa

Vermicelli Kunafa/Knafeh which is known in various names in different countries is a traditional Arabic hot dessert made with filo pastry, semolina or vermicelli. The Kunafa is said to be famous in Egypt, Palestine and many other Arab countries. The specialty of this dish to the sweet tooth is the Kunafa is coated with delicious sugar syrup and sprinkled with pistachios. The Kunafa can also be layered with cheese, any other nuts or clotted cream. The custard pudding mixed with peanut butter in the center of this Kunafa would be a treat to have in the evening with your family. Vermicelli, peanut butter, condensed milk and the sugar syrup would be a perfect mixture of happiness.

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Does Mozzarella cheese changes the taste of the dish?

As cheese is used for spicy, hot dishes, there is a question to arise on its presence in a sweet and hot dessert. The cheese which we use in the Kunafa is used for the pudding and on questioning the taste of the ingredient in the dish, there should not be a hint of confusion while adding the Mozzarella cheese in it as it would not change the taste of the pudding neither would the consumer have the hint of having cheese in it. Mozarella cheese would be a prefection combination with the peanut butter used in it.

Method of making peanut butter at home

If you cannot find peanut butter in store down below we have mentioned an easy method to make peanut butter at home with just three simple ingredients that you can find at home.

*In a blender put 200g of peanuts, some oil, 1tbsp of honey and blend well. Peanut butter is ready to use in the dish.

Another method to make the vermicelli kunafa?

Instead of boiling the vermicelli Kunafa in the flat pan, Kunafa can also be baked in the oven. Follow the same method of spreading the vermicelli kunafa in a baking tray. Spread the pudding as the second layer and at last cover the pudding using the vermicelli kunafa. Bake the vermicelli kunafa in the oven and enjoy with sugar syrup and crushed nuts.


For the pudding:



Corn flour-4tbsp

Mozzarella cheese- 1/2cup peanut butter- 3tbsp

For the vermicelli kunafa:


Condensed milk-5tbsp peanut butter 3tbsp

Melted butter-150g


For the pudding:


Boil the milk and add sugar. When the milk is boiled, add half cup of Mozzarella cheese. Mix them well.

Step 2

In a separate bowl mix four tablespoons of corn flour with some water. Pour the peanut butter and mix them with the boiled milk.

For the vermicelli kunafa:


Add 225g of vermicelli in a heated pan roast it. Pour melted ghee/ butter, peanut butter, condensed milk and mix well.


Transfer the kunafa to another flat pan and shape the kunafa into a flat circle shape from your hands. Spread the boiled pudding on top of the vermicelli kunafa. Now cover the pudding with more vermicelli kunafa and shape the kunafa.


Pour melted ghee/butter around the kunafa and close it. Keep in low flame for 4 to 5mins. After 4 to 5mins take it off. Apply melted ghee/ butter to the flat pan again and heat the other side of the kunafa on it. Close again using a pan or lid in low flame for 4 to 5mins.


When the kunafa is ready, pour sugar syrup on top. Sprinkle crushed and powdered pistachios on top and enjoy!

For the sugar syrup:

Boil 150ml of water and add 200g of sugar in it. Add 1tbsp of lemon juice, some cardamom powder and mix till the sugar dissolves

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